Sometimes I Wish I Were a Goose


ThoughtBubbleI love seeing geese in autumn—their long necks bright white against the blue sky, wing tips flashing bits of black as they fly in V formation. I watch them until they are tiny dots.

I love the sound, too. Most people I know think geese are noisy and annoying.

And what do we teach our babies when we’re trying to get them to talk? “A cow says ‘moo’”, “A horse says ‘neigh’”, “A goose says ‘honk’”.

Honk? Well, that’s unpleasant. Honking reminds me of a loud bicycle horn or some driver who’s ticked off, slamming the steering wheel, and flipping me off.

Geese have a deep yet loud resonance with a touch of high-pitched squeak mixed in. It’s kind of indescribable. But I think it’s beautiful.

I also love that geese are taking a journey, migrating to a warmer place. I wonder… Do they know exactly where they’re going or only that, wherever they are flying to, it’s a better place for them?

Sometimes, when I’m watching their V formation, I wish I could instinctively migrate to some place that was better for me.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


18 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wish I Were a Goose

  1. And so it comes to pass that I’m sitting in my car reading this while waiting for roadside assistance to find me. I have run the battery flat while collecting the stands from the Textiliste quilt show. Officially this puts me somewhere between doofus and plonker on the Complete Goose Scale that measures human incompetence. Somehow you post feels not so much like serendipity as bloody smart. I could honk. Grrrr. PS I love geese

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    • Ugh… I am so sorry. That’s awful. But there’s a Goose Scale? I love learning new things. Also, I love learning British slang from you (which I do in almost every post and comment — it’s delightful)! And dead batteries don’t put you on the Scale. Running out of gas does. Not that I would know anything about that. At all.

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      • Um, I’m afraid to report that the roadside assistance Man handed me the form to sign after he got me up and running. In the box that said ‘reason for call out’ he had written ‘human error’ It’s not just lack of gas or in my case putting petrol in a diesal engine… That warrants a Tosspot starred on the Goose Scale. One up from Complete Numpty.

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  2. Geese are not my favorite, while beautiful from afar, they scare the crap out of me. There is a local park with a large fishing pond that homes a number of geese and duck that enjoy getting fed. However the geese are bi-polar, they want the crumbs, but as they waddle up to you to retrieve your handouts, they hiss and growl letting you know that you’re too close and should back away… Even as they follow you.
    Now ducks, those are my kind of migrating bird! 🙂

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    • Haha! Indeed. Geese can be aggressive. I love to watch them fly and hear them “honk”, for lack of a better term but if I had a choice between feeding ducks or geese, I would probably choose ducks, too. Either way, they are smarter than humans when it comes to knowing what’s best for them. That’s my thought (bubble). 😉

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  3. I love geese – thank you for sharing a quick thought about them. I saw a documentry recently – That honking, as they fly, is to check everyone’s keeping up. If a straggler has to land to rest, someone always volunteers to stay with them – either until they can carry on or until they die. Honking now makes me cry! ❤

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    • Whaa? *gasp* Really? I will never look at geese the same way again. Well, thank you very much, Lisa. 😥 (Actually, I think that’s incredible.)

      So… Geese know what’s best for them. And they act on that knowledge. Also, they help fellow geese in need.

      Official Score: Geese – 3 / Humans – 0

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  4. What a lovely thought for Sunday, and how nice to read all the comments too. Your post, and the comments by Lisa and Charli especially reminded me of one of my favourite picture books “Lucy Goosey”. It is about a little goose who get doesn’t want to fly and gets left behind. Mum is not far away though and comes back for Lucy. The exchange between mother and daughter geese is very touching. I can’t read it without weeping.

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  5. Hehe, my husband’s work is overrun by geese. The grounds keeper had to put up signs warning people, because the geese were attacking the employees. Maybe that’s why they get a bad wrap in my city.

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    • I am so sorry but the visual you just gave of a workplace overrun with attacking geese…people in suits and ties, skirts and high heels running for their cars while being chased by angry birds. 😀 I can’t stop laughing.


  6. ‘I wish I could instinctively migrate to some place that was better for me.’ And you let it hang, right there…what a delightful piece this is Sarah, your writing is wonderful. Here is a little goose story to make you smile…I grew up in the middle of the English countryside and my parents were friends with the local ‘Lord of the Manor’ (that is to say, he lived in a run-down mansion, was eccentric as all heck, metal plate in his head and glass eye to match) who once gave us three geese because apparently they make very good guards (we had trouble with foxes eating our chickens). We had them one day – when they disappeared we found out they had flown right back to their lovely, mad hatter owner. And that was that. I love this post and thank you for bringing back this happy goose memory for me 🙂

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    • Wow. Thank you, Sherri. I truly appreciate that.

      I… Where do I begin? With the goose guards? (I’m picturing little hats and red jackets, of course.) Or the mad hatter, Lord of the Manor? I know not where to begin, this is all so delicious. 😀 I’ll stick with the story of the lovely English countryside, dotted with sheep, a mini-Sherri with chickens and geese in her yard. Thanks for the story.

      I needed this comment (the story and the beautiful compliment) badly today. ❤ Thank you.

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      • Oh Sarah, I’m so glad you enjoyed this little story, I just love your image of the geese in their little hats and red jackets, absolutely delightful 😀 I mean every word, please know that. Your writing inspires me greatly 🙂 Have a lovely day and think of those crazy geese taking off (hats and all) and the Lord of the Manor’s no doubt delight at their return ;-). Hugs… ❤

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      • I’m not embarrassed at all to admit I’ll come back and read these comments from you. It’s like having a tiny fairy perched on my computer, beaming and whispering how wonderful my writing is. Oh, I love those fairies. They’re always so encouraging and genuine (and never leave any messy glitter on your keyboard).

        Thank you.


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