Late Night Snack


My husband and I are enjoying a late-night snack—relaxing after the kids go to bed. He is happily crunching on his healthy cereal as I’m munching on a leftover spring roll, drowning it in soy sauce. (No comments from the peanut gallery. Comment section below is for non-judgy-food friends only.)


As I was saying, we were enjoying some quiet time and snacking before bed. One of the few joys we have left as parents. I’m kidding. Not really. I take a bite of my forbidden fruit, all salty and spring rolly and yummy then casually ask:

“Do you really think he should go to school tomorrow?” Munch.

“If he doesn’t have a temperature.” Crunch.

“I don’t think he’s better.” Munch.

“Well, he’s not a hundred percent better but he’s been home three days so, if there’s no temp…” Crunch.

“You know what?” Munch. “Doesn’t matter. He has to be temp-free for a day before you can send him back to school.” Munch, munch.

“Really?” Crunch. “I thought it was vomit-free for a day.”

“Nope.” Munch. “Temp. Or is it diarrhea?”

“Oh, right.” Crunch. “Could be…”

So this is our life. It is.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


17 thoughts on “Late Night Snack

    • As you should be. Judge away on the healthy cereal. *crunch*

      BC (Before Children), I don’t think I would have been able to continue eating during a conversation like that. It hit me suddenly… This is our life? Really? *sigh* (P.S. I still think I’m cool, though.).


  1. Ha, ha! I agree with Amber–healthy cereal, wha? Spring roll–yum! It also sounds like the morning management team meeting where I once worked. We sold organic food we prepared and had to maintain a sh** list of employees who called in sick for health codes. Same conversation, just with cups of Fair Trade coffee and fresh scones and that one person eating hemp granola. 🙂

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    • Right? The whole point of having a midnight snack is to eat junk food or yummy, non-healthy things like spring rolls drowned in soy sauce (in my opinion).

      Haha! At work? I can’t imagine. That’s special. Mmm… Fresh scones. There will always be that one person eating granola and refusing the donuts and scones. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. In theory. 😉

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  2. I’m sorry to hear your boy has been unwell. I hope he is recovered now – i.e. temp-, diarrhea- and vomit-free for at least one day! Snacking on anything with children in those conditions in the house is difficult enough!

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      • Yes, and so it goes. I am worrying about my daughter (she is 22) and having one thing after the other at the moment. My kids always seemed to get sick around this time of year. I can’t tell you how many school plays and parties we missed because of it. Hopefully this will all be out of the way and you will all be well and fit in time for Christmas 🙂 But it’s no wonder we like to eat spring rolls in bed is it? o_O

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      • Haha! Eating spring rolls in bed. Sounds like a great title for a short story. Mind if I borrow it?

        Hope your daughter feels better very soon. The thing is, like you said, once they get over one thing, something else pops up. And we also miss plays, parties, etc. this time of year. Worst. Timing. Ever.


  3. Nah Soz girls but give me the crunch. I’m with the tall dark silent one. All those deep fried worms. Yuk. And my bug with Co workers and food is with the one who brings in their own snack cooked by some loving partner but never any to share. Fine to eat on your own but not in a team meeting. Food harassment. Sack able. Period.

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    • Sure. You and your cake. Midnight snacks are meant to be treats. Cookies, cake, potato chips, popcorn — sweet and salty goodies! Sneaking the last piece of cake is more enjoyable at night when the kids are in bed because you can say a troll ate it. Or a house elf.

      Food harassment. Yes, well, I’d have to agree with you there. Team meetings are a place for shared baked goods and coffee/tea.

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