I’m in High School…Blog Style


There are many reasons I started a blog. Not one of them was because I completely loved the idea of writing a blog. But I do have some good reasons or I wouldn’t be here.

Now that I am here and have been for over a year (What? You have?) and can actually write reasonably well (What? You can?), I realize I’ve done something wrong by being me. Not that I have any plans to change me. I don’t. And I have no desire to be the next big thing or a “Top 10” this or a “Best Of” that. I don’t.

So, high school. Right. When I was ten twenty years younger, I found myself in a similar situation. Without the hashtags. I had a little in common with the popular kids and the nerds and the trouble-makers (or whatever you called them at your school) but I didn’t fit neatly into any of those groups. I was kind of like all the Breakfast Club kids rolled into one. (Except the athlete—I won’t even pretend.)

I fit in a bit with some online groups but not fully with any specific group. I’m floundering and writing and sharing and commenting but it’s not enough. My writing is not enough. My observations, experiences, and opinions—they are not enough. I am not enough.

It was a risk, I knew that going in, to write with my true voice. There was nowhere for me to connect. But I wasn’t going to silence myself for the online world. So I took the risk.

Time is precious and, although we all have the same number of hours in each day (unless you have a Time-Turner and, oh, please share!), our time is used for different things and in different ways. I understand that. Why waste it on something that doesn’t interest you? I really understand that.

So, here I am. A girl. Standing in front of a screen, tapping on my keyboard. I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil and will write until I die. With or without a clique. Just like high school, I’ll survive.


27 thoughts on “I’m in High School…Blog Style

  1. Maybe it’s an old world thing or an across the pond thing or because I’m so old I was in the year ahead of Methuselah in high school (now he was a nerd and sooo vain what with those eyebrows and that beard) that you seem perfectly normal to me. But then I’m living in a weird world with men who are part sheep part Labrador and women who peck paint and philosophise and it all seems very sane. If you’re off on a frolick of your own then you’ll find a lot of us on the same path sniggering at the Brentynisms you cast in your wake. Glad you’re intending on continuing oh fellow loon.

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    • Back since the days of old Methuselah, Everyone loves the big bamboozle-ah! 😎

      I’m so glad I seem normal. Especially with the Labrasheep and paint philosophy and whatnot. I’ll tell you what makes me feel better — people sniggering at the Brentynisms. That is awesome. Thanks, fellow loon. I truly appreciate that.

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  2. You are a wonderful writer Sarah, and I really do mean that. Isn’t your blog for you to do what the heck you want to do with it? I’m so glad you are going to keep writing, doing what you have always wanted to do. That’s what matters. Sod the cliques. Who needs them? How boring.

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  3. Hmmm…I think I was your opposite in H.S. I was NONE of the Breakfast Club kids: no athletic talent, no looks or popularity, no freaky-art-kid vibe, no criminal intent, no academic achievement (smart, but didn’t care)… I really had no interests outside of reading and my equally misfit, unmotivated friends. I was sort of a lump.

    And yet, I couldn’t agree with you more about not doing things to fit in with a group. Do what you love, and you and your people will find one another. (Did you ever read that book I gave you last summer: Show Your Work? I think it would speak to you. And it’s a very quick read.)

    BTW, is it snowing on your page, or are my eyes even more shot than I thought? 😉

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    • You had to be ONE of the Breakfast Club kids. Or at least a little like one of them. No? I don't think there was a "lump" kid. If I remember correctly.

      There are too many opinions on what blogging is "supposed" to be and what you're "supposed" to do. Contradicting opinions, of course, because what fun would it be for us to read the same thing?

      I did read parts of Show Your Work and it is awesome. I have to read more when I have bits of time here and there.

      Yes! It’s snowing! It’s not “supposed” to be because it’s unprofessional but I think it’s fun and I’m keeping it. (Even though it looks like our bare feet are freezing.) 🙂

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      • You know, I’ve heard before that every kid is like one of the BC kids, but I really can’t find me there. I truly didn’t have much going on. (I was saving being interesting for my adulthood. 😉 ) Still liked the movie, though.

        And, tee-hee, it DOES look like you’re all standing barefoot on a winter beach. Makes me want to wrap you up in warm towels.

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      • Eh. They’re the stereotypical high school students. There are probably tons of people who don’t see themselves in any of the kids — or in all of them (like me).

        Right? *takes warm towels* Thank you! 😉


  4. To me, that’s the beauty of blogging. You’re free to be eclectic; you don’t have to belong to a specific group or be a particular type. And I think people appreciate a bit of randomness in writing – it shows you’re a well-rounded person.

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    • Thank you, Lori. I struggle with this. I want to write whatever I feel like writing in whatever way I feel like writing it. But people have other expectations.

      I like the sound of being “eclectic” and “well-rounded”. 🙂 I’m feeling pressure to write a certain way for this outlet and a certain way for another and then to stick to that way of writing because that is what people now expect. I just want to write. On my blog. Because it’s bloggy and fun, you know?

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      • Believe me, I know exactly how you feel, Sarah. Yes, I write flash fiction and memoir – but my novels are erotic romances. I don’t blog much about that genre just because I don’t think it’s appropriate – and also because I don’t want to be one of those erotic writers who only writes about sex. Seriously, I have many other interests, which is why I maintain the blog in the first place. But I have found that people who like your work in general tend to be pretty forgiving when you depart from your “usual.” I have followers who only appear when I post something related to my romantic work – and others who mysteriously disappear. But most of them come back. So don’t sweat it much. I’d rather have an audience that’s willing to overlook my little quirks than one that insists on pigeonholing me into a particular line of work. You’re exactly right – it IS supposed to be bloggy and fun! 🙂

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  5. I admit it, it feels good to get ‘likes’ & comments on my blog and when I don’t it’s a little sad. But it’s always nice to work on something creative 🙂 Your blog looks really interesting and very well-written and I hope you keep writing whatever you want, clique or none!

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  6. I can relate . . . to ALL of it! You could have pulled these words right out of my own mind . . . I think we are just what we are meant to be, in the blogospere and everywhere. I’ve always kind of loved not quite fitting into any certain place 🙂

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