Director’s Cut


I feel like a film director. I’m no Steven Spielberg but I am a parent. I direct stuff.

Too often, with my 10-yr-old, I’m shouting in my head, “And…action!”

Translated: This would be a good time to give me that glittery rock you found at school. I can actually appreciate it now. Because I’m not elbow-deep in soapy water washing dishes like I was when you first tried to hand me the stone.

Then, there’s my shrill silent-screaming of, “And…cut!”

Translated: This would be a good time to stop talking. You’ve given me something and that is a gift in itself. Please don’t utter another word about it. Because I’d love to not hear that you were going to keep the rock but it’s chipped on the bottom so you don’t want it.

My son needs to embrace that charming little saying about closed mouths not gathering any feet.

I’m thrilled to be on Mamalode, talking about this in my post “Self-Destruct Button”. Read the story here…


glittery rock

Aww… Isn’t that sweet? And glittery?


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.



13 thoughts on “Director’s Cut

  1. Hahaha, I love your post and your article.

    It seems like kids have inconvenient timing at times, and then forget when the timing is good. Reminds me of going from my car to my house. I’ve got the baby carrier, my gym bag, my lunch bag, my purse, my daughter’s backpack, my son’s diaper bag… and then my daughter wants me to carry her bear. *sigh*

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    • Thanks so much, Loni. ❤

      Indeed. Kids tend to have inconvenient timing in addition to the self-sabotaging moments. I can just picture you loaded up with all that and being asked to hold a bear. I get that from both of my kids, actually. I'm forever asking them to "be aware of your surroundings" or something along those lines. Not working yet.


  2. I read your post Sarah…how did I miss that your son has Asperger’s?
    You have such a wonderful way of expressing yourself in so few words, about quite profound subjects, you really do. I was always on my middle boy’s case about being careful what he said and when. My mantra was ‘think before you speak’. It took a lot of years, let me tell you!
    Yet my Aspie daughter was/is very different. She is very measured in what she says but always says just what she means. If I ask her ‘do I look ridiculous in this extra-short mini skirt (ha, just kidding!) she will tell me in no uncertain terms that ‘why yes mother, actually you do,’ Thank God.
    I remember those rock gifts…happy days 🙂 ❤

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    • Thank you so much, Sherri. I love the challenge of presenting a complete story or fully-formed thought in a piece with a word constraint. Oy, I don’t want to hear that it took a lot of years. It’s already been a lot of years. O_o We’ll see. Ha! I do love the Aspie honesty (most of the time). Right? Rock gifts are awesome. Though we could pave a patio with them at this point. I can just imagine moving and someone lifting a box saying, “What, are there ROCKS in here?!” Um…yes.

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      • Haha…yes, I think I may have laid a few rock patios in my time, lol 😉 And pieces of driftwood and shells and, well…you know 😉 Ah yes, the Aspie honesty…wholeheartedly ‘most of the time’… not always the easiest of things, dearest daughter…ha!

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