Mommy Math


Mommy math goes something like this:
(Stick with me. Word problems are wicked fun.)

Question 1: Five appointments need to be made. There is one person making these appointments and one week in which to do it. How many hours are spent trying to find a pen, some scrap paper, and the phone? ThoughtBubble

Did you get it? Awesome. Here’s another one. This time it’s a multiple choice:

Question 2: There are seven days in one week. Three weeks have gone by. How many days is that? (Oh, you’re good.) Fifteen more appointments need to be made, including the five that were not made three weeks ago. Where is the person who was supposed to make these appointments?

A) Helping someone else find his shoes
B) Blowing someone else’s nose
C) Answering work emails
D) Rocking in a corner
E) All of the above

When answering a multiple choice question, it is a fallacy that, should you not know the answer, choose C. What you should do, in a case like this especially, is back away slowly. You never know when someone might spring from a corner.


I’m a wee bit overwhelmed at the moment.
And not very good at math.

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20 thoughts on “Mommy Math

  1. Breathe . . . in . . . out . . . slowly . . . again . . . to the count of . . .
    I can so identify. Who manages life when the life managers can’t manage? I feel your overwhelm and raise you two. Actually I’m okay a the moment but I have certainly been there before. The only thing I have found to do is breathe, and take one thing, one step, one day at a time. Sometimes it is better to focus on the little (achievable) steps than look at the overwhelming big picture. 🙂 Look after yourself.
    Loved reading this. You gave me a smile! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. 🙂 Glad I could give you a little laugh. I love this: “Who manages life when the life managers can’t manage?” Exactly. Hmm… I don’t want to play Mommy Poker with you. I’m afraid the game would go on for days. Unless we put a cap on raises.

      I need to breathe and take baby steps. Thanks for the reminder. ❤


  2. Hahaha, I feel ya. There’s been a few “rocking in the corner” moments for me. I typically add one more Red Bull to the consumption list when that happens. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Interesting. You head for the Red Bull, I head for the red wine. (Or white. Or beer.) Whatever gets you through the night. 😉 Rocking in the corner moments = not good. It happens. It does. We’re not the only ones for sure.


  3. You do bring a lot of smiles with your chaos you know. I’m a bit at sea here because (a) I love maths (b) I like being organised (c) I’m teetotal (I support a functioning wine-wife). That said I am incompetent at organising, I love chocolate and still, with children of 21 and 24 I’m running to meet their many and varied needs (‘has the car been serviced, is X insured to drive it, can you leave out (another) set of keys, mine have been, variously, (a) abducted by aliens (b) eaten by the nickel and steel monster (c) left to start a new life as an art installation for people surviving at a 1/32 scale). I wish I had good news for your future: my advice? Keep a watch for compatible livers now – you can’t plan the transplant too early.

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    • Oh, I love to bring on smiles with my chaotic life. That’s awesome. Really, it is. Thank you. That’s why I generally do the humor thing — so I don’t lose it altogether. Sometimes, you’ve got to just laugh about it.

      Don’t misunderstand. I “like” being organized. I’m just not. And a great big THANK YOU for reminding me that this never ends. I’ll look into that transplant as the bottles of wine disappear.

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