What Am I Searching For?


On a walk yesterday, I had my phone out snapping pictures of new plants poking out of the earth and fresh, green leaves sprouting from dead-looking brown branches.

ThoughtBubbleI was also moving leaves with my feet to find rocks for my children. They love rocks. Actually, so do I. Rocks are awesome—all different shapes, sizes, colors. Some sparkle with mica, some glisten with quartz. Plus, they feel nice in your pocket. They’re grounding.

So there I was, stopped on my little walk, when an older gentleman in jogging pants came walking up to me. “Are you searching for something?” He looked a bit like he was approaching a badger.

I smiled as brightly as I could, “Just enjoying the spring weather and looking for pretty rocks for my kids.”

He shifted, clearly uncomfortable. Then just stood there.

“Oh,” he finally managed. Then he shook his head and started walking again, saying “okay…” as he got up some speed.

Am I searching for something? Yes. The energy and clarity I get from walking. And gifts from nature for my children.

But, clearly, I need to get some of those workout clothes I was thinking of buying last season.


Searching for Spring


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


12 thoughts on “What Am I Searching For?

  1. That man was very judgmental and not very nice. Workout clothes are overrated, although maybe you shouldn’t ask me. I’m usually the least fashionable person working out wherever I may be (and even when I’m not working out).
    Rocks rock! We have quite the collection. Luckily, no one questions my sanity or wardrobe choices when I do it around here.

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  2. Next time carry binoculars! That one really keeps them wary. 😉 I love that you love rocks — I got one rock climber and two geologists out of the rock-seeking I did with my kids. Oh, and I got a runner (he clarifies he’s “not a jogger”).


  3. Runners, joggers, dog walkers and those on bicycles are part of my stroll to the lake. Lucky for me, they seem to be wary of one who carries a camera, stops often without signalling and lays on the ground with camera up to face. The rocks? Oh Yes! No little ones in tow to share with, but I still come home with a pocket full.


  4. Who doesn’t love a good rock? Crazy people, that’s who. Seriously, as long as I can remember, I have been seeing and picking up rocks that caught my attention by their color, shape, sparkle, whatever. Sometimes they stick out — like the one all black rock on a beach littered with white and colorful rocks. Often, I brought them home with me. 🙂


  5. I used to pick up rocks at my grandpa’s house. He had a gravel drive. He’d always ask to look at it, examine it thoroughly, and then hand it back with a question of, “Do you know what kind of rock that is?” I’d always shake my head. He’d tell me, “That’s a levarite. As in, levarite (leave it right) there.”

    I think I’d encountered you, I’d ask if you found any rocks… 🙂


  6. Haha, whatever, I wouldn’t have thought that answer was weird! I like it, actually. It’s nice 🙂 And I am a BIG fan of workout clothes. They’re so comfy!


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