Mother’s Day Dilemma


I wrote the following post last year and, while I still believe there are two approaches to Mother’s Day, this weekend I am firmly in column B. I am going for a pedicure at a spa where I can order a glass of wine while my feet are scrubbed and polished.


I’m the mum and I say so.

This tree (which blossomed basically overnight) is what greeted me when I walked out the front door. I took it as a sign that mother nature herself was giving me flowers—and I’m taking them.

Happy Mother’s Day

mothers day2015


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


There are two schools of thought regarding Mother’s Day:

  • I am spending every second of this day with my children.
  • I wouldn’t go near my kids today if you paid me!

A) It’s Mother’s Day. That’s me! I’m a mother. And I want to celebrate motherhood by being with my kids– playing games with them, talking to them, going out to eat with them, and hugging them. A lot. After all, my children are the reason I get to celebrate this day in the first place.

B) This is my day. I am going to soak in a bubble bath, pick up the book I’ve been meaning to read for two months, drink a glass of wine on the porch, and relax. After all, it’s a day meant for me so someone else can take care of the kids and house today.

For some, this is a simple decision. For others, we bounce between the two options.

Notice the “we”? Because I’m one of those moms who want a little from column A and a bit from column B.

I want to be around my kids. I want to play cards or Candy Land with them. I want to play win at Wii. I want to look at old photos and see how much they’ve grown. I want my annual handmade crayon cards with hearts and flowers and smiley faces all over them.

I also want to be a little spoiled. I’d love to get a massage or a pedicure. Some sushi and a nice glass of Pinot Grigio would be wonderful, too. Sitting outside, alone, listening to the birds chirp and just relaxing, is a beautiful way to spend the day.

Here’s what I did. I dipped my little toe into column B by having my husband take care of the crappy things like cleaning toilets, making lunches, sweeping crumbs, and wiping noses. All this while I slept in late, read a good book, sipped some Sam Adams Summer Ale, and took a long shower during which I actually shaved my legs and used that incredible strawberry sorbet scrub that’s been staring at me from my bathroom counter since December.

And then I embraced a bit of column A. I hugged and kissed my kids. I told them stories they’d heard before about when they were little. I teared up quite a bit. I felt my heart grow like the Grinch’s when I opened the cards they drew for me. I played games with them and read to them and spent some time outside enjoying the day with them.

That was a good mix for me. A very happy Mother’s Day.


Where are you? Firmly in column A? Column B? Somewhere in the AB area? What did you do for Mother’s Day?


24 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Dilemma

  1. Ah, so last year you moved between A and B but this year you’re planted firmly in B “because I’m the mother”? Hurrah for you, got to do it your way and no need to be consistent. Wonder what it will be next year?

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    • Indeed. Last year I was kind of weepy and sentimental but also wanted a little “me” time. This year I sat on the deck (alone) with a glass of wine and a book. I also went out and got a pedicure. It was absolutely wonderful — peaceful and wonderful. ❤

      Hmm. I do wonder what it will be like next year…


    • Agreed. We need a balance, whether it’s with children or other adults (friends/family). We’re all different in what percentages we need, though, and I’m with you — I tend to like my alone time better than my time with others. I think it’s plenty healthy. 😉 Just saying.


  2. I am mostly A, but feeling guilty because I want B. I opted to go out for Mother’s Day. We went bowling, which I enjoy and we don’t often do. It kept the kids entertained (thus preserving my sanity) and it was a treat for me (because I totally got over 100 on my second round). I let my husband chase my son, as he raced for the door. 🙂

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    • Oh, column A is really nice, too. 🙂 I’m glad you had fun. The guilt is awesome though, right? Is there a term “Mommy Guilt”? Because there should be. It’s nearly impossible for me to do things for ME or even think about them without feeling at least a tiny bit of guilt. It’s ridiculous.


    • Yes! That’s right. Your daughters visited for Mother’s Day this year, right? I hope you had a wonderful weekend. ❤

      I know. That tree, those flowers. So beautiful. One day it was bare branches with tiny buds and the next morning… Gorgeous blossoms.


  3. Nature giving you flowers. What a beautiful thought and greeting at your front door, not just on Mothers’ Day but every day – for a while at least.
    I hope you enjoyed your day. What you have described sounds wonderful.
    I had a great day too with my children and grandchildren visiting all day, as they usually do on Sundays – Mothers’ Day every week. I love it!

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  4. I definitely do a little of both A and B on Mother’s Day and some of “C,” which is, I made brunch for one of my husband’s grandmother’s and hosted dinner for my in-laws. Maybe next time more B. 😉

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    • Ah, yes. There should be a column “C”. I was a bit selfish this year. It was all about me.
      That’s perfect: A and B while making sure you honor the mothers in your life, too. Very nice. (I took my mother with me so we got pedicures together, if that counts.) 🙂


  5. Old news now, but your Mother’s Day sounds divine and beautiful flowers too. The perfect mix. I was once a bit of both, but now firmly Part A, loving my boys coming home and cooking me a wonderful Sunday roast, keeping my glass of bubbly topped up and just spending the day together talking, laughing, hugging. My three chicks back home in the nest. That’s all. Perfect. ❤

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