You Don’t Write Me Love Notes…Anymore


My husband had to work this weekend. That’s when it occurred to me.

He doesn’t leave me love notes around the house anymore. I sat and tried to remember when I’d seen the last one.

Months ago.

The ones that used to say “Hope you have a wonderful day” or “Your purple is gorgeous” (I have a purple streak in my hair) or “You are beautiful”. Or simply “I love you”.

They’re gone—the post-its that used to be stuck to my mirror, my nightstand, my favorite coffee cup.

Where are all the notes?

Oh. There they are. On my phone. “Have a great day” and “Love you” and “I made you iced coffee—it’s in the fridge” with tiny, smiling emoticons or cute flowers.


The love notes I used to get are little electronic bubbles on my frickin’ phone. It’s weird. Still sweet, of course, but like a sterilized version of what I had. Is this called a “love text”? (If that is some crude, new term, I apologize.)

I appreciate that my husband still writes these messages but there’s something special about a handwritten note.

Plus, I can’t use a text as a bookmark. Just saying.


Love Notes TextingLove Notes Texting 2


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.

Love Note Thought Bubble



46 thoughts on “You Don’t Write Me Love Notes…Anymore

  1. Ha! The danger of bookmarks. I absent-mindedly used a valentine’s card from the Textiliste in a legal text book (it was my own copy). Someone needed it to answer a difficult question in a big meeting and finding the library copy gone and knowing I had a copy of said book in my office, grabbed it and hightailed it to the meeting room. He opened it as all these lawyers and bankers and what-have-yous poured over the table. Out fell a card with a rather inappropriate picture and ‘Hallo Mr Gooey’ written across the front… Oh dear, the teasing I got for that…

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      • I think the part about not growing up with it is important. As I read your post, I was thinking that young digital natives probably think a love-text is the most romantic thing ever. Me? I’ll take a text over nothing, but I’d rather get a note. (And I often do. Hubby and I aren’t huge texters.)

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      • You’re right. Growing up with (or without) technology is a huge part of this. The “digital natives” probably think texts are swoon-worthy.
        I do appreciate a sweet text but notes are wonderful. And I just got one this morning — on the coffee maker so I was sure to see it. 🙂

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  2. its not just love notes – where did all the pen friends go? I used to write (you know with a pen and my hand) letters to other people. My wife an I are the least romantic people ever. our texting tends to be on the extreme end ‘pooky pie, sugar plum’ but alas only as a piss take! thing is, when you do get a meaningful one come through (and it does happen albeit rarely) means that bit more to me! 🙂

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    • I don’t think many people write to each other anymore. Not with earlier chatrooms and forums, now with twitter and facebook… It’s easier, I guess.
      Hey, don’t knock the silly ones. That’s a form of love note, in my opinion. You both have a sense of humor about this and that’s a fun thing to share. But…it is nice to get that one meaningful message.

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  3. I try to write a traditional note to some of my friends once a year. I think it’s an art that needs saving. I miss pen pals as well. I remember I had one in Australia when I was in primary school.

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  4. Aw that is so sweet! I don’t think we ever did physical notes. Now you just gave me an idea 🙂 Usually we do ‘love texts’ like you mentioned. Those truly brighten my day.

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    • That is interesting. Going back to the comment of different generations growing up (or not) with smartphones and other kinds of technology literally at our fingertips. Yes, getting a sweet text is always nice but I’m glad I gave you an idea… 😉


  5. At least you still get notes, even if they are in digital format!

    My husband and I exchange emails. Actually, if you were to ask my husband where to find a piece of paper in our house, he’d probably stare at you blankly and then grab a napkin off the table. But then that would also require him to find a pen. We’re pretty paperless in our house, and if he does need/want something, he’ll usually have to ask me where to find it. Like his glasses. 🙂

    We have plenty of art supplies, but notepads aren’t a thing for us.

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    • Haha! 😀 “he’d probably stare at you blankly and then grab a napkin off the table.” That could happen here, too, honestly. Hey, paperless is good — you’re saving trees. 🙂


  6. Your husband is so sweet!! What a lovely tradition. Except, I’m with you – I want the handwritten notes, too 🙂 Demanding, aren’t we? 😉

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  7. There is definitely something special about a handwritten note that you can hold in your hand and sniff (okay weird), but you know what I mean. On the other hand, consider yourself lucky for receiving these, even if by text. 😉

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  8. I can definitely appreciate this… the ones my husband used to give me have gone from texts to messages in hangouts – talk about even more temporary!

    Also – I love that you have a purple streak in your hair. I used to have blue (a few years ago now) and have been eyeing the blue/green/purple ombre “mermaid” hair I’ve been seeing around now… although now that everyone is doing it, I’m feeling a little hipsterish about it!

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    • Okay, feeling better about the texts. 😉

      Yes, I love my purple streak. I have seen some gorgeous blue ones but no “mermaid” hair. I’m, unfortunately, similar in that way where I’ll want to do something then, if everyone else starts doing it, I’ll back off. Here’s my advice-I’ll-give-but-won’t-take: If you want to get the mermaid hair, get it. And, please, post pictures.

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