Venus & the Crescent Moon


Mother Nature reminded me again last night to appreciate its beauty by simply looking up.

It was twilight when I looked out the window and caught a glimpse of the sliver of moon calling me. ThoughtBubble

As I stepped outside, I noticed Venus was shining, sparkling, bright directly above the waxing crescent moon. It was breathtaking. While the soft blue sky slowly turned cerulean then indigo, I just stood there, feeling at once very small and also as if my Self could not possibly be contained in my human body – I was connected to these celestial bodies.

The feeling of being part of something larger is a conundrum. It’s intimate – I want to keep this for myself yet share it with the world.

I am sharing this moment, as I have before, of looking up.

Whether there are glittering snow-covered branches, rich orange autumn leaves, pale rays of sunshine filtering through pine trees, or dragon-shaped clouds, nature is there. If you look, it will provide peace, calm, joy, wonder.

We are too often looking down or not looking at all – not paying attention to what is around us, never mind what is above us.

Look up, gentle readers.


moon & venus

moon & venus_5


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


20 thoughts on “Venus & the Crescent Moon

  1. My favorite thing to do, even as a child, was to look up at night and find Orion. Looking up more often into that vast sea of stars…should do more to make us understand just how fragile and isolated this blue desert island we all live on is.

    I am in continual awe of Nature and its ability to shows us just how insignificant we are. Looking up at all of those points of light and knowing that to someone else out there we’re nothing more than a point of light…..Not even us directly!! Just our humble Star pumping away furiously…keeping us warm against the frozen wasteland of space.

    It’s a wonderful and terrifying thought all at once.

    Thank you for sharing that, Sarah. All my best. #awesomeauthoress #superscrivener #wonderfulwordsmith

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    • Right? It should make us more aware, more…I don’t know…appreciative of what we have and what we are in the universe. Which is to say, very small indeed. Yes! I feel so connected and yet so insignificant. Agreed. Not only does it give us peace and joy, it should give us a better understanding and create a humble admiration perhaps. I think this world would be much better off for it.

      It is a wonderful and terrifying thought. Hence, the conundrum.

      And…Yay for my hashtags! *ahem*

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  2. I find it amusing that I was outside trying to get a picture of the crescent moon with Venus about the same time you mentioned it on Twitter last night.

    Nature presents us with great beauty, we just have to remember to look its way. Love this post!

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    • That is so cute! Like that song… We’re looking at the same stars though we’re far away… Wait. That’s not it at all. Something about being under the night sky and looking at stars together yet apart… O_o

      Anyway, it wasn’t an easy shot to get and mine’s a bit blurry. Did you get one? Yes, nature does do that and I hope we always remember to look. Thanks, AJ.

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      • Hahaha you’re so funny.
        Unfortunately, my camera couldn’t get the shot. It said the moon was too bright lol.
        I always forget that I am not the only one who can see things in the sky, it’s amazing.

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  3. I love this! When we lived in Brooklyn we rarely saw the moon in our basement, I mean first level, apartment. But now in the country we get the moon, stars, planets, and most recently, a gorgeous swarm of blinking fireflies in the trees.

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    • And by “fireflies, of course you mean “fairies”. 😉 Oh, yes, that move sounds wonderful. There is so much! All the stars, alone, are stunning but the sunsets, planets, moon… Just amazing.


  4. Ahh yes, look up and see what we are missing. Twilight, my favourite time of the day. Venus sparkling just above the moon in your lovely photos makes me think of a huge, diamond earring dangling from the sky, as if it is ready for a night out. Which of course, it is 🙂 Gorgeous ❤

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    • Twilight. Yes. I love it. ❤ It's that in-between time, full of magic. People say the same about sunrise but it doesn't feel the same to me. (Mostly because I'm still sleeping.) Ha! Awesome. It's dressing up for a night out. Love that.

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      • Same with me Sarah, I am not a morning person, no I am not! Oh yes, that dressing up to go out, that, as you say, in-between time. Wonderful. Magical indeed. Did you ever watch a most beautiful film called The Remains Of The Day with Emma Thompson and Anthony Hopkins? It is one of my all time favourites. There is a line towards the end when Emma Thompson’s character says to Anthony Hopkin’s character something like: ‘Did you know that for most people, evening is the best time of the day?’ They are sitting on a bench beneath a canopy on the pier in Blackpool, it’s raining, in the fifties, she has a headscarf and a raincoat and he has an overcoat and a scarf and umbrella. All very formal. All very English. I won’t give any spoilers. But the scene is so moving in its simplicity and quite heartbreaking. She tells him that when the lights overhead come on, strung along the pier, those coloured light bulbs, the people on the promenande taking their evening walks always stop and politely clap. And they do. Such simple pleasures of the day. I wonder if we have changed that much? So if you haven’t watched it, I just know you will love it. In fact, I think I need to watch it again after all this…and forgive me for rambling on, I didn’t intend to. It came over me and I wanted to share this with you because I know you’ll get it 🙂 ❤

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      • No! I haven’t seen that. And now I must. With your recommendation and those two? I will watch it and let you know what I think. Thank you. ❤ (I love your lines, "All very formal. All very English.") 😀


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