Twitter Trends: Trash or Treasure?


You’re on Twitter? So you know that sidebar with all the trends. It’s loaded with absurdity like #RuinAMovieWithBacon, #DescribeYourPoopIn4Words, and #LiesWeTellOurPetGiraffes.

Then there are the ones with celebrity break-ups, fall-outs, nose jobs, nose rings, weight gain, weight loss, and what color their hair was yesterday. It’s fascinating. Really.

There’s also breaking “news” trends (a.k.a. target practice). They scream, “Feeling aggressive? Ready for a virtual fight? Let your anger out right here!” And people do.

Sometimes there are awesome trends, like #Hemingway, #Shakespeare, or #EmilyDickinson with fabulous quotes for nerds like me. Also, I have learned about some incredibly cool “holidays” like National Coffee Day and National Chocolate Day.

It’s a mix. A dizzying display of words, names, places, and opinions.

I tend to ignore them but with their bright bold font, it’s difficult not to at least notice them. Which is, of course, the point. And occasionally (before someone rats me out) I’ve been known to #RuinADateIn3Words or something equally silly.

When I looked up the definition of “trending”, it actually had Twitter in the definition. I am quite serious. To be fair, that was online so I’ll smooth my ruffled feathers or dunk in the birdbath or whatever.




gerund or present participle: trending

  1. change or develop in a general direction.

          “unemployment has been trending upward”

          “interest rates are trending up

          “the Richelieu River trends northward to Lake Champlain”

  1. (of a topic) be the subject of many posts on a social media website within a short period of time.

          “I’ve just taken a quick look at what’s trending on Twitter right now”


Do you notice trends? Steal a glance to see if there’s something you’re interested in? Pointedly ignore them? Or actively seek them out to tweet about?




My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


24 thoughts on “Twitter Trends: Trash or Treasure?

  1. oh look I just found a random hashtag in my jeans.. I guess these jeans be trendy 😛

    I dont actively seek them out neither do I pointedly ignore them i just steal glances and sometimes I come across ones that resonate with my natural frequency 😀

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  2. I usually notice them for a good laugh, perhaps in several years I would have tweeted enough goodnights to have #awesomeauthoress #superscrivener #wonderfulwordsmith trending? …maybe I don’t know how this works. :-/

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    • Yes, some of them have me laughing out loud but I rarely join in. There was a great one recently: #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter which resulted in some witty tweets. Because. Writers. 😉 But I don’t think it was actually “trending”, I just noticed it on some of my writer tweeps’ timelines. I’m not sure how it works, either. I think if enough people are using it at the same time?

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  3. I honestly don’t pay any attention to them. When I have noticed what is trending, I haven’t been very interested in it. Right now #BobbiKristina is trending. I don’t know and don’t care. I’d rather spend my time reading what the folks I follow are tweeting. People like you! 🙂

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    • Aw, thanks. ❤ I would much rather spend time reading what my tweeps are writing since I'm, you know, following them and I like them. I just saw a trend the other day with over 50K tweets about some celebrity’s favorite lipstick color. No lie. I could not believe it. (Also, had NO idea who the girl was. And don't care.) 🙂


  4. I have never really taken notice of what’s trending . . . anywhere! I just follow my own lead. 🙂
    But maybe I’ll take a peek now that you have alerted me to them. Some appear to be quite a hoot. I have sometimes noticed strange things in #s and thought “I’m not joining in with that!” (Geoff’s suggestion for example. 🙂 )

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    • Ack! Don’t look at them on my account! 😉
      I must say I’ve found a few (literally a few among the hundreds) that were really interesting. Do a search for #DistractinglySexy. It was fantastic! Women scientists created it in response to the sexist comments made by Tim Hunt. It was one of my favorite hashtags ever.


  5. Sarah I’d love to see a series of tweets just based on trends lol. Honestly I don’t look at them, though once in a while my eyes will glance in that direction. But I don’t actively look at them.

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    • Look around Twitter. You’ll find them! Some people only tweet trending topics. I think they want more exposure. Of course, since 53K other people are also tweeting about #NationalLipstickDay or whatever, your tweets are likely to get lost in the stream of silliness. O_o


  6. I can’t help but hope that #LiesWeTelllOurPetGiraffes is actually a real hashtag. I know it’s absurd, but it’s FUNNY.

    Ah, Twitter. I love to hate it and hate to love it. Sometimes it’s great, but most of the time, it’s… well, for giraffes and trolls 😉

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    • No, #LiesWeTellOurPetGiraffes is one I made up but #IfAnimalsMadeLaws just started trending. True story.

      I know. I have a love/hate relationship with Twitter. I do not feed trolls, but I would gladly feed a giraffe. And his friends. 🙂 How can something so large be so cute?!


    • Hahaha! 😀 That’s fantastic. You should be proud of that one. Like I said, I’ve been known to #DescribeYourBossIn5Words or something but just for fun and I have to be in the mood for the silliness.


  7. This is one part of Twitter I mostly ignore. Well, that and lists. I really tried with lists, but it just seemed like an awful lot of upkeep. I suppose I should make more of an effort on both? I glance at them occasionally to see if I’m in any way “with it” – ie: know what they’re talking about. I get momentary bursts of pride when I’m not totally clueless.

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    • Yes, well, I hardly ever know what they’re talking about. But I am not ashamed. I’m just old. 😉 I don’t know who most of the celebrities are and I don’t care about their divorce or weight gain. I mostly ignore trends anyway. Now lists… That’s a different blog post altogether. I need lists. I feel like I’m missing out on what my tweeps are talking about but I don’t feel that way with trending hashtags.

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