Burying Your Dream


I’m not exactly sure what I expected to happen when I buried my dream.


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I wasn’t fully aware I had used that wording until I reread the post about giving up.

You can give up a hobby but a dream? I don’t think that’s possible. Not really.

You can quit karate, yoga, or running and take up tai chi, meditation, or spinning.

You’re allowed to change your mind. Or just lose interest. There will be activities you’re forced to quit due to circumstance beyond your control. And, yes, there may even be times you notice you’re working hard and getting nowhere.

There are many reasons one might walk away from something to search for something else.

Dreams are different.

Whether you nurture them or neglect them, they stay.

They will push through soil—rich and fertilized or dry and cracked. Dreams will find a way to break through. Perhaps even producing flowers or fruit.

You can actively pursue your dream or not but it isn’t going to magically change.

I mean, honestly, when I buried an apple seed and it sprouted, did I expect a peach tree to grow?


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.



If you neglect a dream, can it still thrive without you nurturing it? I don’t know how healthy those apples are going to be, but they’re growing despite some seriously bad conditions…



34 thoughts on “Burying Your Dream

  1. You have to follow dreams, they can’t be buried, locked away, ignored, filed, put in a bin, put in the shed, destroyed, cut up, smashed, lost or kept secret. They will magically reappear in the small hours and wake you up. Stop fighting them and start writing!

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  2. I love the analogies in this and the way you havent quite said your back despite saying your back… I noticed that… Just saying. Love this post, besides the fact it’s gorgeously written, it’s so deep and meaningful and speaks to me on so many levels.

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  3. Because you are the soil! It’s part of you and fed by your heart. We can all change our behaviors…but at our core we will always be who we are…and you are meant to express yourself in other ways than the person who is not a writer.

    I’d eat one of those apples. I bet they taste just fine.

    All my best, Sarah.

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  4. I’m thinking poppies, where the seeds stay buried for years, not germinating until the ground it’s turned over – and then, wow! What a sight to behold. Like Sacha, I’m waiting to see how far you are going with your analogies. Take care.

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  5. Dreams cannot be buried. They can be ignored for a while, even hidden by other things, but they will always come back, nagging at your heart and mind. I think that’s the true test of a desire. If you can walk away and forget it, it’s not a dream, it’s not something you need to do. If it keeps chafing, it’s a dream and not give-upable on. 🙂

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  6. I guess once an idea/thought/emotion gets into your subconscious, it stays there, and may pop up again any time! However I’m a believer in nurturing your dreams and letting them grow gradually. Life’s not a race it’s a process.

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  7. See, the way it looks to me is like one of those old houses where all the furniture is covered in white sheets. Keeping the sun off until you’re ready to use them. You know something is there but not sure what or what condition it’s in until, tada! You sweep the sheet away like a tacky magic trick and there it is. A dream, just awaiting the light to be useful again. And you are showing your comebackability ( comebackable is a word, you know ) with all this. So whip off that sheet and let’s be seeing you!

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    • I’m an old house. Hmm. I like it. Everything’s dusty and cobwebby but there are always treasures in those old houses (especially attics – sorry, I know attics give you the heebie-jeebies). An antique, an heirloom, love letters from your great-grandfather to your great-grandmother. I’m getting carried away but, yes, the sheets must be removed in order to see what’s there. *reaches tentatively toward edge of sheet*

      P.S. I actually looked it up. I did. I mean, I assumed I knew what it meant but checked it out anyway. I have comebackability. That’s awesome.

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  8. Hmmm. Well, first I wonder where did the dream come from in the first place. Where there a specific mix of (positive and negative) circumstances, emotions, and thoughts that gave rise (birth?) to the dream? And once it first appeared, that moment one could say ‘yes, I have this dream?’ what exactly is it that one has? Can one have it in the first place? or does it have the dreamer, and if so, do we have a choice when a dream vanishes? Oh, how does the collective consciousness play a role? Can a dream live collectively, so to speak, allowing an individual to tap into it or tap out of it? I dream, therefore I am? I am, therefore I dream? Can one have a dream-free life?

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  9. You’ve got me thinking. Thinking about dreaming. Dreaming about thinking. Thanks Sarah. Writing is a great way for a writer to work things out. As you work yourself out, you help others work themselves out too. It’s great to share your experience. Dream on!

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  10. Hurray! I’m loving this.
    For what it’s worth I don’t think you can catch a dream. It is something to be nurtured. Give it space. Allow it to grow. It might have been an apple pip planted in the ground but you don’t know for sure what sort of apple it’s going to be. Stop forcing it into shape – that makes for a bonzai, all stunted and twisted. Just let it be. Feed and water it only when it needs. Bring it sunshine and a fresh warm breeze. It’ll blossom when it’s ready xx

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  11. Not only do dreams sprout, but sometimes we broadcast seeds and help the dreams of others sprout. Like turquoise hope that fruits from an unexpected box. Dreams show up to remind us we’re not done yet. Maybe you don’t feel it yet, but there is growth going on and one day a sprout will take you to the next height, reveal its gift for you.

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    • Yes! I love that. They sprout then cast seeds to help other dreams grow.
      Thank you. ❤ I do hope that this seed will push its way through and reveal a gift. That's a lovely thought. (Yes, like turquoise hope that fruits from an unexpected box.) 🙂


  12. I love this Sarah, I love your thought bubbles and the way your mind works and the way you get us all thinking along with you in the process. Even though your dream seems buried, it is growing…all the time… ❤

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  13. Oooh, deep thoughts. Sprouting dreams. I just had this vision of planting a whole bunch of tiny seeds in neat rows and then… OH MY GOODNESS, IT’S FIELD OF DREAMS! If you build it, they will come.

    I guess, like the movies, it requires action for the seeds of dreams to grow into a healthy reality.

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    • I suppose it does require action. I mean, on one hand, if it’s meant to grow, it will push through that soil no matter what. On the other hand, it’s possible it needs nurturing. I don’t know. Depends how strong the seed is, I guess. We’ll see…


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