Do You Love Your Blog?


There seems to be a theme with themes.


Blog Theme - sig


It’s like the whole blogosphere decided to redecorate this month.

Is it coincidence? Is this a thing? Was there a memo? I missed the memo.

The hard truth about my theme? It’s bland. Blah. Boring.

Also, I love it.

To me, it’s crisp, neat, and clean. That appeals to me and my OCD so much.

I hope readers like the look of my blog. But, because I do, I haven’t changed it.

I suppose it could be warmed up a bit but that’s what my words are for. And my photos (which never clash with the background because, really, there’s nothing to clash with).

There are a lot of themes to choose from on WordPress. Simple, classic, set-ups are timeless. But there’s something to be said for having splashes of turquoise and pink making your blog pop.

Everyone has different tastes. If you love your theme, that’s what matters.

You want your blog to greet you with a smile. When you sit down to write a post, it’s awesome to have a happy feeling before you even begin. Because. You love your blog. And it’s yours.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.



Have you ever changed your blog theme? If so, why?



Saw Donna Parker’s new theme just yesterday. She changed it because her old one (that she liked) wasn’t mobile-friendly. So there’s one answer. Still wondering about all the others though…


31 thoughts on “Do You Love Your Blog?

  1. I’m actually thinking of changing my blog theme so this post is at the same time wonderful timing, and a little spooky lol. I do enjoy my blog but I’ve never changed it and honestly, I’m not even sure if it’s the best lol. I intensely focus on content and maybe that hurts blog visits? Not sure. But it’s a good question to ask people. So I will 😀 Cheers and if I do change the theme, hope it’s for the better lol. As for yours, I love its cleanness and simplicity and admit I’m always looking fwds to the thought bubbles. So pop pop and keep on a writing.


  2. I had the same theme for the first 2 years because I liked how clean it was. However, according to many it wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing, so I spent a few days completely changing it. It’s had a positive response, but there’s still a lot of things I’d like to add to it. It’s always good to change things up every so often!

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  3. I went through an big change a few months ago, purely based on aesthetics which then evolved into practicalities such as having a banner, featured posts, etc.
    I’m happy with it now which, like you say, is all that matters.

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  4. I love changing themes. I think I’m addicted to it! However, I adore the theme I have now, and I think I’ll stick.

    Your theme is perfect for your words and photos. It’s clean and it gives a person room to think – if that makes sense?

    This is a good blog topic. And you’re right – a lot of redecorating going on in the blogosphere these past few weeks.

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  5. I changed mine last week! I did love my old one, which I’d had since February 2014, and it suited my author brand and so on, but it looked AWFUL on tablets and phones. All of the accepted wisdom seemed to be that blogs need to be mobile friendly and while my old theme was mobile responsive, the new one is just easier to read and won’t need updating for a few years yet!


  6. I like your theme and I like my theme. Other people also like my theme. It’s free and it always gives me a shock when I go to someone else’s blog and see it there. I’m a writer and I have books as my theme, which I think works rather well.

    I also like your post, by the way.


  7. I agree about plain being fine. I haven’t quite found how I want my blog to look yet, but I know that I don’t want it over cluttered with bright colours and things. I want simple, and organised. I really do like the simplicity of yours. 🙂


  8. I have no taste so I chose my theme because it said 2012 and I loved the Olympics that year. When we decorated our first house we worked out that if I was given more than 2 choices of colour or wallpaper or sanitary unit or paintbrush I needed a good rebooting so now the choice is limited to two and if I get it wrong I get a second go. So choosing a blog was a stressful experience I’m not about to repeat and that’s it, I’m done.

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  9. I was sorry to leave my old theme behind when I switched over to self-hosted this month. I loved that theme, but it had many issues. I like my new theme, but I don’t love it. Yet. It feels cluttered in some places and I think I have to do something about that.
    I like yours. I like simple. Simple is always good.

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  10. I missed that memo… and yes, I’ve noticed the same wave of website design changes. Three cheers for liking your blog theme just the way it is! I like it too. I do not believe in making a change just for the sake of change; there’d best be another reason for it. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

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  11. I’ve changed just a few times, but I doubt I will change it for quite awhile. Like you, I prefer to keep things clean with lots of white space. I personally prefer a blog which allows easy browsing of the posts so I tried to choose a theme that allows that.


  12. Memo? What memo? Story of my life… ha! Oh Sarah, I love your blog, love your header, the clean, uncluttered purity of it. I know when I come here that it will be just the same and I love that. I hope readers feel that way about mine (even though there’s more stuff down the sides!) in that I’ve never changed it in 3 years, just the header twice a year for the seasons, as you know 🙂 I have no intention of changing my theme, you hit the nail on the head: it’s my blog and I love it. And we can do whatever we want with it. Isn’t that a great feeling? Whatever. We. Want. That is so liberating…thank you Sarah for reminding me of that.. 😀 ❤

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  13. I’m glad you like your blog. It is very clean and easy to read. I’ve seen some pages that seriously hurt my eyes. Those are difficult to return to.

    I love my blog for me. It took me a while to hunt down a style and layout that I liked. Then I made the background and built a child theme to adjust the colors and font. The theme I had before that was a parchment brown. It was very “writerly”. Not so much me. Before that, I had a home-grown website with pink flowers that were javascript driven, so you could push them around with your mouse. I also had a ninja star and chopstick graphic. Very fun, but not a practical platform for blogging, and I didn’t have much use for a static page.

    I plan on sticking with my blog theme for a while unless I see another one that I’ve just gotta have. No new-year changing for this squirrel!


  14. Well – I’m a week behind reading this week’s bubble so how I’d notice a memo about changing blog themes, I don’t know. I love your simple theme which did influence me enough to get rid of my pink and green, curlier looking theme. Straight forward and easy to read. Stick with it ❤️


  15. I like your theme, it’s very similar to mine actually. It’s simple, black and white but with a big image across the top so it’s personalised. I did actually change mine very recently as well but it was just the background which was cream and made all of the images in every wish-list post look crap and my picture across the top was of an opulent but random line of buildings in town and wasn’t very ‘me’ at all. I love the feet and jeans!


  16. I so agree with you. If you don’t like your blog theme or the way it looks then you’ll probably stop blogging. I always say go with what you like best rather than what others may say. There’s no harm in asking for advice from other bloggers but always stay with your own gut instincts.


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