Appreciating Fragmented Beauty


Pink Clouds -sig


There’s still good in the world.


I see warm breezes

Hear growing grass

Smell blue skies

Feel songs of sparrows


Things are not right.

My world is out of alignment. Nothing is as it should be.

It’s difficult to find peace in turmoil, to appreciate the beauty around you when it’s fragmented by ugliness.

The world is broken.

People amaze me, after all these years, with their ability to be unkind. With all the ways they have perfected their unkindness.


I will not let this sink me.

Even if the good arrives a bit mixed-up, I will continue to take it in.

Because it is still there.

I have to believe it is still there.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.



Do you ever wonder if there is any good left in this world? Are you able to find beauty and goodness around you in the midst of a difficult situation?

28 thoughts on “Appreciating Fragmented Beauty

  1. As long as their is the tiniest fragment…. I’ll continue to fight for it. It’s hard to ignore the unpleasantness in the world, but I continue to tell myself I’m not fighting for a good place for me to exist. I’m fighting for the ones I’ll leave behind.
    *hugs* Love and Light to you, My Friend. ❀

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  2. I thought this was going to be about synesthesia which Max has to a small degree and I just a tiny bit. He tastes stress as cucumber, some words manifest as colour etc – I almost missed the misalignment because I do feel sparrows sing! Lol you should try an owl hoot in my body! It can be very confusing but for the most part it’s positive!
    I’m glad you’re being positive in the face of whatever unkindness but it can be so very wearying. Sending a hug to put in a jar until you need it xx

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    • Wow! Right. You’ve mentioned this. I am utterly fascinated. I’ve heard of this but don’t know a great deal about it. Cucumber stress… Wow. I’d like to feel a birdsong sometime. I imagine it would be both confusing and wonderful.

      Yes, wearying would be a good description of this. I appreciate the jar but am going to use the hug now so I’ll just sit the jar on a shelf to remind me of the good. πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—


  3. More often than not, there is an overwhelming sense that all is bad in the world. But that’s only aggravated by the media lens, which focuses on bad stuff because it’s a more interesting story.

    For most of the ’70s and ’80s, all I ever knew about Northern Ireland was that it was full of terrorists trying to kill each other and anyone else they get hold of on the UK mainland. Until I visited Belfast and found out that it was only a small part that was affected – it’s just that the images transmitted into our living rooms were pointing at those small parts.

    There’s a lot of good stuff out there, Sarah, and a lot of good people. The trick is to learn to point your own camera in their direction.

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    • True that the media does not help anything. They do tend to focus on the bad stuff. Terrible images transmitted into our living rooms. Sounds like a dystopian novel.

      I guess that’s the problem. I need to turn my lens toward the good but it’s not abundant at the moment. Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough or in the right places. Or, maybe, for now, I can find it online from my fellow bloggers and tweeps. πŸ™‚

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  4. Trying to catch up on this space (I miss twitter, solely because it’s where I interact with you – ha!) and I have no good words to say, I don’t think, other than; this poem is beautiful even though the subject isn’t and I know what you mean; isn’t it amazing that we all talk and talk and talk about trying to find balance and yet we all are in this endless struggle together and I wish I could figure out the damned root of it all (8-5s? Capitalism?); and I keep thinking about you, keep hoping you’re starting your climb up. ❀

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    • I miss seeing you on Twitter. It’s my only hangout. Facebook frightens me. But I’d get to see you and all my other bloggy friends more often. *sigh*

      Yes. We all talk so much. Balance. It’s a load of horse shit. There is no balance. There is prioritizing one thing, then another, then another until we can say we’re done. Which will be about…never. It is, as you say, an endless struggle. Not climbing yet but working out so, when I find a foothold, I’ll have the strength to climb. Thank you, my lovely friend. πŸ’•

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      • FB is total timesuck, but/and I also don’t get quite the same interaction on twitter that you do, I don’t think. Unless people “heart” or RT the tweet (I do heart, but most don’t – not really supposed to be used like that anyway I guess!) I have no idea if people are seeing or appreciate or whatever. It’s the one platform I don’t (currently) track stats for. Mostly I feel like I’m talking out into a big blank space. πŸ˜›

        Amen to the never being done. Ugh! I’m feeling that way this week. πŸ˜›

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      • Yeah, Twitter can definitely feel like that. It moves so quickly, I often miss tweets. Instead of talking into a big, blank space, think of it as shouting into a huge, crowded shopping mall. Wait. Never mind.

        Hope next week treats you more kindly. πŸ™‚


  5. Absolutely, there is still good in the world…although some days it’s hard to find.

    But look at your gift of writing and the discussions you prompt on your site. Those are two good things right there, plus all the encouragement you give others, including me.

    It doesn’t sound like life is going well for you right now. If I could, I would bake you some chocolate chip cookies and drop them by your house this afternoon.

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    • I’m just going to go ahead and publicly admit I cried. I went to check something and saw this and… I can’t handle the sweetness. (Not the cookies. I can handle the sweetness of the cookies. Bring those.) You are made of awesome. Thank you. πŸ’• I needed this right now.

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  6. I don’t know that I’ve ever been disillusioned with the world. I’m perhaps too much of an optimist for that… or delusional. They do say ignorance is bliss. πŸ™‚

    I hope people stop being ugly around you. They need to stop mucking up the scenery.

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  7. Definitely you can find it out there in the midst of all that isn’t. You just have to open your eyes, take a deep breath and you’ll see it. It is when you don’t see it that you let the forces of darkness win and I for one am up for the challenge. Join me and we’ll form our own path of light. Hugs across the ocean.

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  8. I believe there are many who feel as you do right now – that the world is out of alignment. You have captured it beautifully in your poem. I just finished a fictional book set in the first world war – a time when many thought the world was broken. The human spirit was not. Like pearls on a string, they thread together life’s simple pleasures and carried on. I liked that you closed your poem with hope – finding and recognizing the sparks of goodness when they are there. And I want to thank you. Writing this comment inspired me to come up with a new byline for my blog. You have inspired me – and now that IS good and worthy of a celebration. :)πŸŽ‰

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    • Aw… I am so beyond thrilled this sparked an idea for your blog. That makes me happy and I look forward to seeing your new byline. πŸ’–

      P.S. Love your “pearls on a string” analogy.


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