Full Moon & Fairies (Summer Solstice)


Summer Solstice -sig


There is magic in the air.

Fairies flutter about enjoying the day, preparing for their feast, and, perhaps, causing a bit of mischief. And, this year, they have even more to celebrate. A full moon accompanies the solstice.

This weekend, I’m celebrating with them.

Wine will flow, my friends. And I will run barefoot in the grass like when I was a child. I’ll breathe deeply, inhaling the heady scents of blossoms that, weeks ago, were tiny buds.

At twilight, I’ll light candles and search for blinking fireflies.

Of course, after this longest day of the year, the days will become shorter. But I will bask in the sun and light and magic then welcome the dark half of the year.

When the sun decides to set after its long journey, I will marvel at the pinks and purples of dusk. I will fill my glass and toast the twinkling stars who, in my wine-induced bliss, will merrily wink back at me. I will refill it to toast the bright, full moon who will smile her light on me. I will soak up the night and all its beauty.

Because, if it wasn’t for the darkness, I could not appreciate the light.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


What will you do with your extra hours of sunlight? I’m toasting you, my tweeps. Know that.


As always, I think of my friends in Australia during these times of year. Happy Winter Solstice to you!


(The summer solstice is officially tomorrow, Monday, June 20. Enjoy!)


33 thoughts on “Full Moon & Fairies (Summer Solstice)

  1. It’s very true what you say. How can we appreciate the light without the darkness? Personally, I’ll find tomorrow exhausting. As someone who’s as honest as the day is long, I’ll have to be on my best behavior for ages.

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  2. How joyful you sound to great the Summer Solstice. Thank you for thinking of us downunder with our Winter Solstice. I am looking forward to our days growing longer once again as they, supposedly, start to warm. Did they ever cool? Our Brisbane summers can be so unpleasantly hot, we always look forward to the respite of the cooler months. This year they were late in coming. I do hope they hang around for a bit longer. But even though I complain about our short days (sunrise approx 6:30 and sunset approx 5:00) I know yours will be shorter still. And cooler. Enjoy the sun’s sweet kiss while you can.

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    • I plan to enjoy the sun (and the summer fruits, wine, and watching for fairies). ☀️
      We’re getting 15 hours of sunlight tomorrow! And long twilight (when we’ll see the fairies). 😉 Thank you. 🌻 Have a lovely weekend!

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      • Ooh the fairies. We don’t get a twilight here, even in summer. Once the sun goes down it gets dark fairly quickly with only a brief dusk. Maybe that’s why we don’t see the fairies so often.
        Please take some pics for me! 🙂

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      • That’s right. You’ve mentioned the twilight… I’d miss that. Well, no pics but, as per my last few posts, the phone was away (mostly) and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and wine and fruit (and fairy-watching). 💖 Plus, fairies are camera-shy and fast!


  3. It’s p******g down. Again. Welcome to Britain, home of the summer solstice. Anyone for soup? Don’t you wonder why they never roofed a henge? Tough, them druids. Anyhoo enjoy your dancing in the grass etc.

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    • Well, thanks. I was envious of those who were at Stonhenge or Avebury so I’m better now. 🙂 Perhaps you should offer to roof a henge or two over there. See what they say…or if they throw anything at you. Either way.

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  4. So beautiful and I was dancing with you dear Sarah, with the fairies…I love fairies…and my imaginary fireflies 🙂 We saw the moon on Summer Solstice here in Somerset. It’s called a Strawberry Moon when this eclipse happens at Summer Solstice because it looks so big and pink in the sky…so I discovered by chance! The clouds parted at last (so much rain here this summer so far 😦 ) and we had the most beautiful sight of our shimmering, stunning summer moon. Driving to see my boys recently, I smiled at the signs in the early part of my journey warning of heavy traffic for both Glastonbury (in Somerset) and of the solstice celebrations at Stonehenge (in Wiltshire about an hour from us). Every year, but I bet this year there were more people than usual 🙂 Lovely post, just gorgeous…like you 🙂 ❤

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    • Oh, this is lovely. 🙂 We were out together, you and I.
      Yes, we saw lots of fairies and it was clear enough to see the moon (it’s called the Strawberry Moon here, too). It was wonderful. I would love to be so close to Glastonbury and Stonehenge (especially this time of year). I’m sure they had amazing celebrations. Thanks, Sherri. I’m so glad you got so enjoy the solstice and dance with the fairies. ❤

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