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I just figured out I could retweet myself.

Late to the party.

I won’t lie. I played around with it a bit, hovering over those double arrows, clicking them, unclicking them, and generally goofing around.

My first thought, before I played, was: “That’s weird. Why would I do that?”

My second thought was: “I wish Twitter would introduce some useful new features.” (Ahem. Edit button.)

It went downhill from there:

“Hee-hee. I wonder if I’ll get a notification from myself that I got an RT from myself.”

“Where would it come from?”

“What would it say? ‘You retweeted you!’ or ‘You really think you’re something special to RT your own tweet, you humble fool.’

But, then, I got to thinking about how I use my Twitter account.

As I’ve mentioned, I mine my own tweets for future short stories and flash. So it might be kinda cool to revisit a piece of micro fiction and have it show up on the timeline of someone who missed it.

Then again, I could just pin it or copy and paste it into a new tweet… So, I guess, I’m back to my first reaction. Retweeting yourself is weird.

My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


Do you retweet yourself? Did you know you could retweet yourself? Do you find any benefits to retweeting yourself that I’m completely missing? Did you notice how I just like saying ‘retweet yourself’ because I’m immature and find it amusing?

47 thoughts on “Go *Tweet* Yourself

  1. I found out accidentally. You can also “like” your own posts. I thought that was weird. I suppose there must be a good reason someone thought of somewhere.

    But yeah, with you all on the edit button. :/

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  2. “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could
    ..they never stopped to think if they should” -Ian Malcolm “Jurassic Park”

    I don’t think I’ll end up retweeting myself…and with the way twitter is broken for me lately, I doubt it would work. 😕

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  3. I just can’t do that. It’d be like following my own blog. Oh I did that. I couldn’t work out why I’d been notified of a post I’d just made. I felt like the kid with their eye to the keyhole to girl’s changing room. Oh god, another confession… I’m going to the shame room…

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  4. Your post made me smile. My use of Twitter is pretty basic: share posts I read and tweet my own. I’d like to learn scheduling posts but it requires spending time to figure it out. 😦

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    • I never schedule tweets. I don’t even know how to but don’t think I’d like it. I use a lot of hashtags and play writing prompts on there so I’m not sure how scheduling would work with that.

      You are a generous Tweep. 🙂 A lot of people use Twitter very little but I’m not on Facebook so Twitter is my only social media.

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  5. I always keep my basic tweets in my ‘favourites’ (that’s what I use it for, and articles I want to keep) to copy/paste/vary and use again, and also because it keeps all my book links in one place, but this is even more super useful – best discovery of the week, thanks!

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    • Excellent! I knew there would be someone who figured out the benefits. So this would keep your favorites and/or basic tweets on people’s timelines throughout the day without having to create a new one…is that what you mean? (On a related note, you can retweet and un-retweet and retweet again. 🙂 Score!)


  6. I didn’t know that you could retweet your own tweet. Maybe it’s something new, as I thought I had tried it before and couldn’t. Or maybe it was just “me” who couldn’t. Sometimes it would be easy to retweet something that’s already been tweeted, rather than create a new tweet, so I think it’s a great feature.
    I do use Hootesuite to schedule tweets, especially for hashtag days. I don’t usually go back to posts to tweet again, I schedule a few tweets when I read. That way I know I am sharing.
    I am hopeless on Facebook but I know it is recommended to like your posts there so others can see them. I rarely do – as I say, I’m hopeless and tend to stay away.
    But I hardly think to tweet my own stuff, only that of others. Doh! I should try to remember to do that. 🙂
    I like your idea of following your blog so you can check out how the email notification works – must do that.
    Great post as usual – you always get straight to an important point with challenging questions and observations.

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    • I think it’s a fairly new feature. A few weeks? Not entirely sure. But I do love these comments. Getting different responses and perspectives is one of my favorite parts of these Sunday thoughts.

      I couldn’t figure how it would be useful but was hoping someone would see the benefits (as a few have).

      Ugh. Facebook. I know I’m “supposed” to be on there but no. I’ll join Instagram or Pinterest before that.

      Haha! I think I was my first follower! I didn’t know how WordPress worked so I had to test it. Now I schedule a few (very few) and that freaks me out so I want to check the email to see if it came through okay. I just never unfollowed. Thanks, Norah. 🙂

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      • The comments have been very interesting. I have joined both Instagram and Pinterest. I wish I remembered to use Pinterest more often. It would be very useful in collecting things for future reference. I just don’t think of it often enough. I follow a few family members on Instagram, but haven’t seen the point beyond that yet. It’s always good to find out what others are using and what works for them. Hence the value in your post. Thank you.


  7. Not sure I understand how you actually do it/did it but I’m motivated to play when the time comes. I did figure how to do a second retweet on someone else’s tweet that I’d already RTed, which came in useful. – But you probably already knew how to do that!

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  8. Whoa!

    Stop the bus.

    You can re-tweet yourself? Awesome! Why have I never tried this before? I’m totally going to do this with fascinating film study material I’ve found that I think people should be forced to read. (Mwahahaha!)

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    • Dude! Stopping. *hits breaks*

      I thought it was kind of weird but now I’m not so sure. That’s one of the reasons I love these Thought Bubbles. I learn a lot and get to see things from a different perspective.

      You’re right. It could be really cool. I was thinking of retweeting something of my own but just because it’s my tweet doesn’t mean it’s “mine”. It could be a shout-out to someone or a fascinating film study. You know? 🙂 There are some things my tweeps must see!

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    • Ooh. I’m horrible at self-promotion. But, yes, when you sign off it’s good to have something of yours at the top. Kind of like pinning but the first few could be your own. Good thought. 🙂


  9. I haven’t mastered tweeting yet. Chittering angrily back at birds who argue over me stealing their sunflower seeds, yes. But tweeting? Still beyond me.

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    • You steal from birds?! What is wrong with you! 😉

      Yeah, Twitter is a tricky place trying to trip us up. But I still prefer it to the F word. (That would be Facebook…I don’t swear. Online. Much.)


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