Hinting at Shadows ~ Summer Sale



June is a big month for short fiction.

Bath Flash Fiction Award is an organization whose goal is to “promote flash fiction for both writers and readers and to bring the genre to a wider audience.” They are hosting the Flash Fiction Festival on June 24 & 25th. “The first literary festival in the UK entirely devoted to Flash Fiction. Happening on the weekend of National Flash Fiction Day [June 24]…”

That’s a lot of flash.

I’m psyched about this promotion of flash fiction so I’m celebrating with ALL OF THE THINGS! Okay, a sale.

Hinting at Shadows, my collection of flash, will be just $0.99 (£0.99) for the entire month of June.

Happy flashing! Erm…reading. 🙂


You can get your copy here: Amazon US | Amazon UK



Yes, yes. I’m getting a global link. Working on it. Cheers!


14 thoughts on “Hinting at Shadows ~ Summer Sale

    • Yeah, that global link post got so many different responses as to what link works best. More researching. I do like your landing page, though, from Books2Read.

      Yes, erm… Shameless promotion. My favorite. 😜 Yes. I will definitely get my guest post to you. 💖 Thanks, lovely.


  1. Wow! A festival devoted purely to Flash? Shows how popular its becoming.

    I already have your book. At the Bash this weekend several people told me bow awesome it is and what a super talented writer you are, so I’m really excited to read it.

    It was fantastic to see you on the phone link up on Saturday, but all those ‘introverted’ bloggers were so blogging noisy I couldn’t hear a blogging word! 😂🤣😆 I will email you. Xxx

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