Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens



I’m on my laptop, concentrating on work, when it starts to rain. I mean pouring rain. Like, build-an-ark rain. And it’s one of those sudden, out-of-nowhere downpours.

I go to the window, lean against the pane, and smile. I actually smile. And you know what I’m thinking? I’d love to go dance in that.

Then I check myself, turn away, and start back to my computer.

That’s when I hear screaming.

I run back to the window, all adrenaline and responsibility, ready to do what I can about whatever is happening. I am not, however, prepared for what I see.

Two children, across the street, are running around in circles, squealing in delight as the rain soaks them.

It is in that moment I realize how far away from myself I have moved. How lost I’ve become.

I know this. I’ve been working on it but, it is in times like these that I become aware of how much work I still have ahead of me.

When did I lose myself so completely? When did I lose the ability to follow my joy outside into the summer rain?


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.



FYI: I did it. I really did. After a short pause, I said, “F*ck it! I’m going out!” And I went outside and danced in my yard, not caring what my neighbors thought. If they want to gossip about the crazy lady who was spinning around and laughing in the pouring rain last week, let them. Let them!

When is the last time you followed your joy?


57 thoughts on “Raindrops on Roses & Whiskers on Kittens

  1. Well done! I followed my joy a couple of weeks ago actually. I was at a party, a festival type party, with a bouncy castle. And it was raining. The mass of kids filled the bouncy castle all afternoon, and evening. But then it got late. The band finished, the party started winding up and the bouncy castle was empty and abandoned to the darkness. I had to have a go.

    Now, I hadn’t taken into consideration just how much rain had fallen but to give you some idea when I bounced down the water came half way up my calves… Still, I had a decent bounce, and then squelched off home 😀 #HappyDays

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    • That is SO AWESOME! Georgia! You just made my day. 😀 This totally sounds like something I would do. (If I didn’t stop myself or worry what others would think.) I love bouncy houses. I would have been eying that thing all day. Yay, you! I can just picture you in there and it’s making me smile. And the rainwater! Holy crap. I’m laughing so hard. Squelching home… #HappyDays 🙂

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  2. It’s been a while since I danced in the rain but I work hard to follow my joy, to be silly, to not give a damn. I’m 37. So what? People might question might sanity but they’ll never question my desire to have fun and keep the inner child alive. The reason I haven’t danced in the rain is because I could get sick with bronchitis pretty quick… but I still ride shopping carts, always seem like I’m playing Props from Whose line is it anyway at the supermarket and will always find new and silly ways to be a secret agent with a banana. 😀 I’m very very happy you danced in the rain, may many more come your way.

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    • It’s been a while since I danced in the rain, too. Unfortunately. And it was more of a standing, spinning, laughing in the rain but that got a tad wordy. The thing was, I truly didn’t give a damn. I really was thinking about my neighbors and thought, “let them think I’m weird or crazy…I don’t care” and it was liberating.

      However you have fun and keep your inner child alive and well is all good. Ride shopping carts, Superman! And own that 00Banana! 😀 I hope to have many (many) more joy-filled days and I wish the same for you, my friend.

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      • That does sound wonderful and standing and spinning count as dancing in many a place 😀 Not giving a damn is so refreshing and am super happy you were able to enjoy that. you are weird and crazy but in the good way 😉 I shall always wish liberation upon you and I do keep my inner child plenty alive and having fun. Still ride shopping carts though not Super Man style lol. although….. :”D Much love and joy to you as well, luv. Cheers

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  3. Lovely post, Sarah. At this point in life, my joy is to tell my stories, so in spite of the hours spent at my computer, I’m pretty happy. But I have had my dancing in the rain moments, too. Today, however, it would be more of a lumbering in the rain thing, so I find my non-writing joy in other ways. Getting out on the river, puttering in my garden (though that one has been put mostly on hold, in favor of writing), and taking off for a 3-hour lunch with friends.

    But truly, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I ask is “Do I have to go anywhere today?” When the answer is “Nope,” I am so happy, because that means I can follow my bliss and write all day long. Then, when done for the day, I follow my joy right over to Amazon and reward myself with a new book.

    Less spontaneous–and much drier–than dancing in the rain, but still a moment of joy for me, just the same.

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    • I love your joys. 💕 They sound wonderful. Getting out on the river and seeing all that wildlife, having a lunch with friends and seeing all *that* wildlife. And, yes, writing.

      Haha! Follow your joy to Amazon to get a new book. I love it. Less spontaneous but, agreed, these are definitely joy-filled moments.

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      • I could dance (lumber) with wild abandon amid my new books, if that sounds more joyous? Honestly, I have had a life filled with many wildly joyous moments, believe me. And if I’m not as boisterous with them today, it still doesn’t take very much to make me giddy with happiness. A new hanging basket of petunias for my front porch will keep my smiling all day long. Seeing a black racer slipping through a flower bed makes me almost giddy with pleasure. I’m EASY! 😀

        I just remember, though . . . last summer, I ran into the ocean full clothed, because my little grandson was waving and calling to me from his raft. Now that was a moment! I’ve never seen him laugh so hard. Come to think of it, pretty much everyone on the beach was laughing, too. So, I guess I still do have a moment or two left in me.

        But mostly, I’ll let you dance in the rain, and I’ll smile every time I think of it, and remember when I did my own dancing, as well. 😀 ❤

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  4. Oh I know this feeling so much. I guess, in a way, I dance in the rain with the Role-playing games I take part in. Dungeons and Dragons, Legend of the 5 Rings, Middle Earth, Shadowrun, Star Wars. It’s kind of like you describe. You let yourself fall into a sense of becoming someone else for a while…acting and talking like they would…without a care for who else is watching and listening. It’s great for a couple of hours before we have to come back to the real world. Great post, Sarah. #mast ❤

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    • Oh, I love this. Yes. That is your dance in the rain. 🙂 We have to take care of responsibilities but we also have to take care of ourselves. Following our joy shouldn’t be something we stop ourselves from doing because it’s “stupid” or “childish” or whatever. It’s joy. And I love that you have joy in your life. #mast ❤


  5. So glad you said f*ck it. Keep on spinning, keep on spinning… (I’m singing that. Can you hear me?) I try to follow my joy a lot. I’m way too young to be sensible 😉 Stay young Sarah. It’s what keeps us smiling.

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  6. Good for you! My mom tells me that one of her favorite memories of us growing up was the time one of us threw a bit of peach across the kitchen and instead of scolding she joined in as the action devolved into a full-scale food fight. It’s good to remember how to be a kid sometimes.

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  7. Well, I’ve walked in the rain, hiked in the rain, swam in the rain, kissed in the rain, climbed mountains in the rain, pretty much done most things in the rain because, Well, we get rather a lot of it over here, and if you didn’t go out in It, you’d never leave the house!

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  8. This is so great, Sarah! I haven’t danced in the rain for a long time, but I think I just might next time. Sometimes, though, I squeeze my hands into the wet soil in the garden, especially in the spring. That first touch of the sun-warmed dirt seems glorious after a long, snowy winter. I don’t remind myself to play as often as I should–thanks for the inspiration!

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