The Blogging Snow Globe



Lemon Shark’s Blog Tip (for WordPress).

Let’s have a bit of silliness. ‘Tis the season to be silly.


The Blogging Snow Globe:

My blog started snowing a little over a week ago. I was way too excited about the whole thing.

I realized I had never turned the Blogging Snow Globe off and it announced December in the most delightful way. (Please don’t search for “Blogging Snow Globe”—I made it up.)

If you find these blog flakes hideous and annoying, swim away…

For those of you who are seeing other blogs with bits of snow and are jealous bitter curious, keep reading.

Okay, bloggers, hold on to your winter hats. We’re gonna make it snow. It’s really difficult so try to keep up. Ready?


Go to your Dashboard (through WP Admin).

Dashboard > Settings > General

If you see Title, Tagline, Timezone, Date…you’re in the right place. (FYI: Your site icon is there so, if you’ve been looking for that, boom! There it is.) Scroll down until you see “Snow”. Seriously. It actually says “Snow”. And, next to that, it says: “Show falling snow on my blog until January 4th.”

Click the box.


Your blog is now snowing. ❄️ And will automatically stop on January 4th. You are like a frickin’ weather wizard. (You know you want to do this in real life.)


Go to your Dashboard (through The-Powers-That-Be Admin).

Dashboard > Life > Weather

Scroll down until you see “Show falling snow for the weekend that melts by my Monday morning commute.”

Click the box.



❄️ Happy blogging days, my friends. ❄️


52 thoughts on “The Blogging Snow Globe

    • Well, that may dampen the carpet or something but not my enthusiasm. I’ve long loved the idea of being inside a snow globe. It makes for an amazing story. Or real life. Hey. You don’t know. Perhaps we’re all in a snow globe and little hands are shaking us and our world is spiraling out of control…

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  1. As you might have guessed when visiting The Write Stuff, I love the “blogging snow globe!” I never change the setting, because it goes off by itself at the appropriate time, and comes back on the same way. This makes me happy. I’m a simple soul. 😀

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  2. Yahoo! Just did it. Unfortunately it doesn’t snow on my pet whyPad but just on the big monstrosity of a machine in Hubby’s messy den, which takes ten minutes to wake up and start moving. So I’ll just let others benefit from my snow on their more modern machines. Many thanks for this tip, Sarah. It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas over here. 🎄

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  3. I think it’s fun and festive. I’m not a winter squirrel, so I probably won’t do something similar on my own blog. But I do find charm in the white flakes that don’t block off my home, break my foundation, or slide me off into a ditch. It’s nice to see them here. 🙂

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    • Haha! I know, it’s ridiculous. But it does make me smile. (Read as ‘giddy’.) ❄️ Go for it! Vlog the snowflakes. You never know…you could make someone just as goofy happy as we are. Pay it forward, I say. 🙂

      (You made your blog snow! ❄️ Nice!)


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  5. Every year I forget and am surprised with the snow on my screen…now I know how I did it! one day they will invent weather patterns to automatically match the day outside…and we can experience everyone’s climate! Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas, Sarah…Happy Boxing Day!🎄


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