Stampeding Rhino




It’s the end of the month. The end of the mini WriMo I took part in. I’d love to say I crushed it but, in fact, it crushed me.

The way Diana set this challenge up, with all the choices and flexibility, there was kind of no way to fail. But I am spectacularly inept and managed to do it. Fail, that is.

So. I can beat myself up, as I’m wont to do, or I can move on. I can try again next month or wait a month and try again or never try again (ever) and realize this type of challenge is not for me. We’ll see.

Regardless, I don’t get a badge with a star. But I did get this adorable drawing from the fabulous Ree and I’m excited to have this sweet little Ninny Rhino to keep my cold keyboard company. Maybe she’ll inspire me to attempt this challenge again. Who could say no to that face?


My not-so-random thoughts in 200 words or less.

How did you do this month? Did you reach your writing goal? Did you write at all? What did you accomplish? I’d love to hear of your successes. Drop me a comment and let me know. ✍️ 🦏 


top photo source: pixabay (inspired by the dynamic D.Wallace Peach)

48 thoughts on “Stampeding Rhino

  1. Hi Sarah, I don’t do many challenges and the only writing one I’ve done is the No Plot? No Problem one we talked about earlier. I had way more time back then, even though my children were younger. Now, the only challenge I do is the Summer Reading Challenge at our library. I hate the feeling of being locked into something, even though I’m a “structure” kind of girl. I hope you’re having a lovely Sunday. We had a great day yesterday, but now it’s raining. Oh well, April showers a day early!

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    • Yeah, these have never really been for me. I just thought, with the flexibility, I could do this one. Nope. I do remember that book. It’s a good one though I’ve never used it for a WriMo, just as a fun writing book. (I like the Summer Reading challenges you do. They’re fun to read about on your blog.)

      Glad to hear you had a great day. Spring has sprung. 🙂 Happy Sunday, my friend. Last-day-of-March showers bring May flowers? *shrug* That works. (Sort of.)

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    • Personal flagellation not allowed. Noted. Not sure what toe socks are, exactly, but were sensible governments ever a thing? Yeah, got to keep those words moving along here whenever and wherever I can find them. Thanks, Geoff.


  2. If you get a cute drawing out of the deal, I say you won. Review and readjust and good luck with your next goal!

    I almost made my writing goal for March. I wanted to finish the draft of a novel I’m working on. I’ll have to go about a week into April to finish it. Eh, it’s okay. I learned that I need to outline more specifically so I don’t go off on tangents that slow me down and add nothing to the plot!

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    • It’s not. Not for me, anyway. I’m with you, plodding along in my own time. I usually stay away from these types of commitments but thought I’d give it a try since it was flexible. Oh well. Back to plodding. 😉

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    • I’ve never done one of these it’s just that Diana made it so tempting what with the freedom and flexibility. Eh. Time. I hear you on that one. I shall not beat myself up but I do need to write. Thanks, D. 🙂

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    • Ha! Yes, I wrote a post. That’s fun. A funtastic #fail post. But, yes, I did have to write the 160 words. 🙂 Fair enough. I’m looking forward to your roundup to see what everyone did. Also am thinking I will use your Ninny Rhino idea in the future. It didn’t work out this time around but really is a great way to go about a challenge with individual goals. Thanks, Diana! ❤ Happy Writing to you, as well!

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      • November doesn’t work for me, either. But I hear what you’re saying. I think I’ll randomly pick a month (or week or whatever) and give this a try again. I think it’s a fantastic idea, just have to do it. Thanks. 🙂 ❤


  3. NaNo was the only challenge I’ve ever participated in – unless you count my Goodreads Reading Challenge – which I failed at last year. Sometimes things get in the way of meeting goals, but you just keep swimming. (Shameless plagiarism of Finding Nemo)

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    • We say that a lot around here: Just keep swimming… 🐠
      Good on you for NaNo. That’s definitely one I already knew I couldn’t do but now I have proof. You’re right, though, that things get in the way of our well-intentioned goals. *shrugs* *swims away*
      P.S. Someone I know keeps adding fabulous books to my TBR pile though. NOT helping. 😉

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  4. My Rhino crushed me too *sigh* & though I did write & draw – it was not as much as I’d hoped I would, & daily yoga is still not a thing for me… well, as you said, at least I tried & maybe I will try again & grow to understand monthly challenges are not for me 😀 Anyway, best of luck to you this month with whatever you set your mind to ^_^

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  5. Definitely don’t beat yourself up about this – or anything! All kinds of things get in the way, Sarah. It’s called life. And, along the way, there will have been some good things that came out of the experience. (It’s what I keep telling myself!)

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      • My other half has a wearable that can be set to either vibrate or give him a slight shock if he is goofing off when he should be working, but I find the old fashioned method of having a human one-on-one accountability partner works best for me.

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      • You are one of my favorite funny ladies. That said, I can usually tell when you’re joking. Usually… (Help a girl out here? The wearable shock treatment is a joke, right?)

        Ah. I’d love to find an accountability partner. Haven’t quite managed to do that yet. Perhaps I’ll write a post. Hmm… Yes, I will.


  6. Taking part should be the most Important part of any challenge. Having fun, making those words flow is magic! I’d suggest not taking it do seriously, few things in life are worth the hassle, outside of friends, family💖

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  7. I’m with you on the not making it in March. I totally got nothing done. Well, I suppose my daughter’s throat didn’t start bleeding and I kept her medicated so she wasn’t in a ton of pain… but as far as writing goes, yeah, got nothing done.

    Maybe April will be better?

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    • Yup. That’s about it. I totally got nothing done (as far as writing). Taking care of your kids and yourself is top priority so, eh, whatever. Here’s to April being (much) better on the writing front.


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