My Brain Freeze



I looked at the frost on my flowers the other day and thought, “Huh. That’s like my brain right now.”

You know when you were a kid and ate ice cream too fast or slurped one of those slushie things? It was like, “Whoa! Brain freeze!” Remember that?

Yeah. That’s not what I’m talking about at all. It’s more like stumbling out of bed at ridiculous-o-clock, shuffling into the kitchen, opening the cabinet, and staring at the coffee mugs.

Almost daily now, I find myself in the middle of a task and I get brain freeze. I just stop what I’m doing and my mind goes to sleep for a second. What was I doing? Why did I come in here? What was I looking for?

This has happened to me many times, of course. Usually in the early morning. But now it’s like permafrost—it lasts all day.

On top of that, I think magical things are going to happen. Not consciously but in a “this-will-be-completed-with-no-assistance-from-me” sort of way.

If I stare at the coffee maker, I will have coffee. If I stare at the computer screen, my page will be edited.

I’m getting time back by focusing on what’s important and ditching the rest (which is awesome) but I’m not getting the stuff done I’ve made time for. I know. Irony is delicious. Just don’t eat it too fast.

Maybe I need to get used to having that bit of extra time before my frostbitten brain can thaw and function properly.


My Sunday thoughts in (around) 200 words.


I know everyone wonders what they went into the kitchen for at one time or another but, realistically, how often does this happen to you? Should I be worried? 😉

I think I just need to adjust to this new-ish schedule. Hopefully, after a transition period, this will mean I actually finish the books I’m working on and get them out into the world! *fingers crossed* 



44 thoughts on “My Brain Freeze

  1. It’s normal, the more time you have the more it slips away. Hence the saying “if you need a job done quick ask a busy person” relax your brain will eventually catch up with your new regime and unfreeze 💜💜💜

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    • Yeah, I’ve heard that quote. Yet, when things are busy and crazy around here, I get nothing done. I mean, I just don’t have the time or, perhaps more importantly, mental energy to do anything. That said, I see the wisdom in the quote.

      I truly hope my brain adjusts, catches up with my new schedule, and unfreezes. Frostbitten brains are uncomfortable. Although…might be a nice summer snack for zombies. Like a popsicle. 🧟‍♀️🍭


  2. I think you are simply a step away from the technology. It will catch up and there will be retinal recognition coffee makers and mugs that will start at your stare. And of course the soon to be released “Eyeballing Editor” software which is initiated by staring at the unedited page.
    Thank you for sharing. These are exciting if not frightening times we stand and stare in.
    PS Give yourself credit and kudos for standing. Now, butt in chair!

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  3. Remember, the coffeepot has to warm up first, and the water not flow too fast, to get that aromatic, dark brew. You do need to load the thing with fresh grounds and H20, but it can take a little time to kick over and go.
    So it is with writing and editing! ❤

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  4. I really used to love those slushie things – especially the blue raspberry. I do the same thing, Sarah – go into a room and wonder why I’m there. If I don’t make myself a list nearly every day, I’ll wander around aimlessly or just read all day. Sometimes I think I purposely forget about the list just so I can read all day.

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    • Dude. The blue raspberry. So good. Or maybe it was just the color. They were all basically frozen sugar water but something about a blue drink was so cool.

      Lists. Yes. I’m a big list-maker. Wandering aimlessly is no fun. “Forgetting” what you’re doing and reading… That works. 🙂🙃

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  5. Oh girlfriend, welcome to the wonderful world of meno moments. it begins in peri-menopause and never goes away. I do that at least 10 times a day – walk into a room with intention and end up staring into space wondering what the hell I went there for. No, don’t ask me what I ate or wore yesterday, but I can tell you vividly clear stories from decades ago. LOL Oh, and where can I get me one of those magical coffee pots? 🙂 ❤

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  6. It happens to me more than often now. No need to worry, I think. But I’ll say for however your mind may slip on occasion…it has lost nothing in the nature of your writing.

    Much love always, My Friend. 💙

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  7. Heh. This made me think of a DnD meme I saw on social media. I’m definitely a Wizard, which is described as:
    -lives on caffeine
    -mainly communicates by ranting
    -what day is it today?

    But seriously, I wind up in that “what was I doing?” state way too often. Maybe it’s having too much on my plate, or maybe I just have the attention span of the squirrel that I am.

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