My Blog is Special


pink flower in spring


Want to know my secret?

Do you want to know what makes my blog so special? Why I stand out like a fuchsia flower in a mess of dirt and weeds?

It’s the clean lines. The crisp space. The typo-free paragraphs, easy-to-read word choice, frequent fragments, awesome alliteration…

There is nothing special.


There is no special here. This blog is just a blog. I am just a girl. Standing in front of my readers, asking them to love me.

I like my bloggy friends. They talk to me. And listen. Which is not easy as I can go on a bit. I ramble. I freewrite and hit “publish”.

That’s bad. But, also, good.

I feel like we’re hanging out in a coffee shop, sipping a mocha latte, you know?

Better still, sitting at a bar with a bottle of wine in front of us. *pours another glass* Cheers!

If you read this, you’ve pretty much met me.

This post? This whole blog? It’s just me. Unfiltered me.

The completely awesome thing about you is that you talk to me even when the popular kids walk by.

There are far more fashionable, trendy, nichey, blogs out there yet, week after week, month after month, readers still visit and chat with me.

And that’s pretty special.


My Sunday (on Tuesday) thoughts in 200 words or less.


Do you have a nicheless blog? Do you feel like you’re “just another blog” in the big blogosphere? Do you care?


44 thoughts on “My Blog is Special

  1. My blog is great writing practice and since not many people read me, I can release compilations from blog posts edited to book form as a BOOK. Lol. Seriously, I am protozoa in this ocean of blogs. But well, my books are also well liked but not well distributed. In the end, although I love being read, I do it for me and invite everyone for the ride. if I need a reminder at how insignificant my blog and books are, I’ll just look at sales and blog visit numbers. If I want to know how important it can be, I go back to messages and comments of people thanking me for doing what I do and how I do it. Btw, I do love this blog and one of the few I read consistently-ish.

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    • I, too, am some sort of single-celled microorganism. Perhaps an amoeba? I don’t look at my blog numbers. I’ve never seen them and don’t know where to look if I wanted to (I don’t). Sales… I’m with you. In the same tiny boat in that vast ocean. Though I really try to stay away from the void of my sales, too. And I am also with you on the importance being in the messages and comments, even if they’re private, with the gratitude. On that note, thank you.

      I’m all about dancing with myself and writing for myself. And blogs are definitely great practice. Alas, for me, my blog and my writing are completely different animals (which is not good–as I’ve been told numerous times). Here’s to single-celled microorganisms who dream of being sharks! 🦈

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      • Lol you’re blog is definitely bigger than an amoeba 😉 I try avoid the numbers game which is too easy to fall into. I see so many people often boasting over numbers and often wonder how much is it real and how much it’s just posing? Always about the connection and hey, self dancing is awesome 😀 And I thing everything I do is an extension and though nothing makes much headway to make this writing business more sustainable, at least I have a good time doing it. Here’s to rocking the kasbah, dear shark 😉

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    • I don’t know. Those slick, polished sites get traffic and are good for a lot of things. That said, I really do enjoy writing my ill-advised, niche-less wanderings. It *is* real and, same as you, I love real blogs because I like to see the person behind the curtain. It’s one of the reasons I like your blog so much. Thanks, Craig. 🙂

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      • I don’t follow traffic (I take the road less travelled). Honestly, I don’t look at numbers or stats or whatever on my own blog but I think you’re right. I find that to be true on blogs as well as social media like Twitter. People with tens of thousands of followers and 2 replies and those with a couple hundred followers and 20 replies. I prefer the engagement instead of the numbers. (And your posts are fun.) 🙂


    • Thank you, D. 🙂 You are special. Also, I feel like that is some form of poetry I should totally know and it’s escaping me at the moment and bothering me and now you’re going to tell me what it is or that it is, indeed, not a specific form of poetry and, either way, I’ve spent time being bothered about it.

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