The Grass is Always Greener



You know the proverbial grass is always greener on the other side. Well, it’s literally true here. I’m perched on dried-out, shriveled-up, light brown blades. Looking out the window, it’s like I’m living in the desert. I eventually had to call someone. Here’s what he said:

“Your lawn is really stressed.”

Oh, man. I laughed.

There’s so much stress in this house, it’s seeping outside? I mean, our lawnΒ is stressed? It’s kind of funny.


I recently wrote a post about some silly perks during this difficult time but, that said, it’s tough. What with fear, sickness, isolation, uncertainty… The normal, everyday stress that plagues us has been plugged into an amplifier. I guess that’s what happens and we’ll just have to ride it out. But that’s life right now, isn’t it? Yeah. It is.

But here’s the thing, my bloggy friends:

Stress looks different for everyone. It feels different. It comes from different sources. Always has. But now, with the shared experience of a global pandemic, everyone is supposedly “going through the same thing”.

I get where this is coming from but it’s wrong. The assumption is that everyone’s stress looks the same right now. And alleviating that stress looks the same as well.

It doesn’t.

It never has and that holds true now. There is no one-size-fits-all.

We all have our own stress. We all handle it differently. We all need individual coping strategies.

My neighbor’s grass may be greener, but perhaps, when I walk over to admire their lovely lawn, I notice their front door is hanging off its hinges. Maybe their house has termites. Who knows?

So be kind to yourselves. Don’t buy into the notion that, because we’re “all dealing with the same thing”, we should all be able to find relief with the same things.

If you like yoga, downward-dog do it. If you like meditating, breathe in…breathe out. If you like running, go for it. (I, personally, do not. Unless I’m being chased by a bear. Or is that when you should stay still? I don’t know. And sincerely hope I don’t stumble upon a bear anytime soon.) Take bubble baths, hug trees, drink tea, garden, bake… Whatever floats your boat. Sail away, my friends. ❀


My Sunday thoughts in (slightly over) 200 words.


How are you, gentle readers? How’s the stress level around your house? How are you dealing with it?


30 thoughts on “The Grass is Always Greener

  1. It is a stressful time, Sarah, and that stress and anxiety is different for all of us. Cope with it as best you can for you and your family. Stay safe. Sending virtual hugs. πŸ’–πŸŒ»πŸ¦‹

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  2. Hi Sarah, I think about this a lot. And I think a lot of people, including me, feel like our stress isn’t legitimate because everyone else is feeling stress too because of the pandemic. Then you feel you’re not entitled to feel the way you do. It’s very tricky. And like you say, everyone feels and exhibits stress differently and everyone has slightly different problems even if their causes are all from the pandemic. Knowing how to take care of ourselves is very important right now. Great post.

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    • Ooh…that’s a rabbit hole right there. I feel you on that one. The whole I’m-not-allowed-to-feel-that-way or others-have-it-worse syndrome. I think we need to keep some perspective but also allow ourselves to feel however we are feeling. We’re always entitled to our own feelings.

      And I completely agree that even if we have the same issue going on, it’s always going to be slightly different. There are too many variables in this to put out a blanket statement or assumption. Thanks, Barbara. Take good care of yourself. πŸ’—πŸ’—

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  3. You nailed it with this post, my friend. Everyone copes with life and its stresses differently. And now you’ve stressed out your grass (had to laugh when I read that). I’ll go to yoga with you anytime (just went on Friday), but also hate to run, so if a bear chases us, I just have to run faster than you. Have a great week!

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    • Ha! Right? I honestly didn’t know grass could get stressed. In context, now, I know what he was saying but, in the moment, it was hilarious. (To me. He didn’t think it was funny.) *shrug*

      Run, Teri, run! (Because Diana says we should stand still. So…by all means, run faster, Teri.) Or we could stick with yoga. Yes. Let’s do that. πŸ’—

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  4. Hi girlie! Wow, couildn’t have written it better myself. Everyone carries stress for sure, and nobody can pretend to have walked in the shoes of others. We also carry stress within our different body parts. So as I write, ya, so I was back in my Pilates mode watching Youtube exercises for seniors lmaoooooo because I didn’t want to exert myself after being out of practice for – too long, leave it at that. So after I accomplished a new pose 4 days ago, an hour later I couldn’t walk. My hips seized up, and I’m like crippled and can’t walk without an aid. Whatup with this old age shyte? Hugs. Stay safe. Stay sane! ❀ xx

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  5. I seem to have two modes:
    Mode 1: Everything is cool like Pete the Cat and his white shoes.
    Mode 2: *bleep!* It’s on fire and I don’t think I can *bleeping* put it out, so I guess I’ll just *bleeping* hide beneath my *bleeping* desk and cry my *bleeping* eyes out.

    Thankfully, I spend more time in Mode 1 than 2, but there seems to be no middle ground.

    You already know where my zen lies–in the sweep of color, swirl of texture, pouring out visions onto digital canvas. I suppose that’s purpose of fantasy, right? To escape the doldrums and downs of reality.

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    • Each time I hear about your mode 2, I’m surprised. I suppose I shouldn’t be but I am. You definitely spend much more time in mode 1. I’m the opposite. And I don’t think I have a middle ground either. If I do, it’s a tiny island. *shrug* Working on it.

      I’m so happy your zen lies in digital drawing. Because then I get to zen out looking at your paintings. Yeah, I guess that’s the purpose of fantasy. And, maybe, one of the reasons I binge-watched The Hobbit *and* LOTR recently.


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