Laser Focused? #IWSG


It’s June already? What? How?

This summer is going to be interesting. Watch for some announcements and fun, my friends. Working on a thing at the moment and am pretty damn excited. 

Speaking of which, the question this month is about shelving drafts. I’m not having any of that right now. And I usually don’t. Except when I do. My collections don’t get shelved. I work and work (and work) until they’re as-near-to-perfect-as-I-can-manage then I’m done. Longer pieces are usually shelved (anywhere from a few days to ten years) but not because I feel the need to get space from them. More because I lose confidence in my abilities or something shiny comes along.

Speaking of which, my too-many-ideas syndrome I mentioned in last month’s IWSG post is still plaguing me. I’ve had some suggest that I shouldn’t write them down but, if I don’t, I’ll forget. Or, worse (way worse), the ideas will sit in my head, refusing to leave, and knock against my skull to be let out. Tylenol does not help with this.

That said, my focus has been off-the-charts amazing. I am working on one project. ONE. Can you believe? Admittedly, it’s a ginormous one so I’ve kind of been forced to focus. And it’s got a lot of parts so it feels like more than one project. And, actually, it’s almost to the point of an obsession. Huh. Okay. But, hey, focused, people. Huzzah!

Speaking of which… Yeah, I got nothing. Just wanted to type that again. 


Do you take time away from your projects? If so, why? To get some clarity/perspective? To clear your head? To wait for beta readers to get back to you? Because something shiny comes along?

IWSG Question of the Month

June Prompt – How long do you shelve your first draft before reading it and redrafting? 

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61 thoughts on “Laser Focused? #IWSG

    • I just wrote you a long comment but it’s gone. Bah!

      Basically I gave some unsolicited advice (which is never helpful). Maybe WordPress decided to delete it because unsolicited advice is annoying. Who knows? But, boiled down, I suggested you go for it. Fear of failure is a tough one to overcome so maybe just jump in and see what happens. 🙂


  1. I make mountains of notes to get things out of my head. I like writing two different tales at once. It allows me to think of one while I write the other. I tend to let mine ferment for a week to a month before I read them completely. Even then I usually tweak something.

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    • Gah! WP erased my comment again! (This time I copied it in preparation for the WP gremlins.)

      Right? Making notes helps get it out of your head. I’m usually writing two (or more) things at once, too. This “one thing” is rare for me.

      You only let your books sit for a week sometimes? I’m surprised. Sort of. I don’t know what others do. I’m curious about it. Well… It definitely works for you. And congrats on your new book!

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      • Thanks. I am currently only working on one thing. I promised to conclude this trilogy this year and want to live up to that. I have other tales screaming for attention, but they’re going to have to wait.

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      • Well… Write them down so they don’t take up space in your head. I have no doubt you’ll finish the trilogy. You’re one of the most prolific authors I know. 🙂 Here’s to your “one thing”. Cheers!


  2. Well I’m going to buck the crowd and chime in that you should DEFINITELY write your ideas down. Duh.

    Congrats on the one project focus! I, too, have started a new project that I am very excited about. And I’ve no qualms about leaving everything else in the dust.

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    • Right? Yes. Write ALL OF THE THINGS. Seriously.

      Did I miss your “one project” thing in your post? Is it ready to share or under wraps at the moment?

      (Also, did you get the Jerry funny I sent in response to your newest ridiculous POS reaction?)


      • I haven’t officially announced the new project yet, so no, you didn’t miss it. I did get your message, but it just said “Jerry”. If there was more, it didn’t come through. I don’t really trust those messenger things. You can email me at anytime.

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      • I’ll be on the lookout for your announcement. I’m excited that you’re excited and I’m excited about mine so this is wicked effing cool. Focused and excited. Here’s to leaving everything else in the dust.

        P.S. You have mail.


  3. I can’t tell if I’ve got laser focus or if I’m the cat chasing after the laser, therefore jumping everywhere and attacking the floor and walls. I will obsess over whatever project/activity has my attention, but my attention will switch on a whim. Maybe it’s writing. Or it’s art. Or diet and exercise.

    Ah, no, I know what I am. I’m that squirrel who changes her mind in the middle of the road to rush back to the sidewalk.

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    • That may be more accurate. A cat chasing a laser. We both know my “one project” includes dozens of mini projects and that I’m actively driving people crazy with a redecorating project.

      I know it’s probably annoying but it’s okay that your attention switches. It means you’re focusing on what you’re enjoying at the time. (I think that’s what it means.) Also, please watch out for cars.


  4. I’m genuinely afraid I won’t live long enough to write all my ideas. Even now, struggling through the end of finishing one book, I’m constantly sneaking off to cheat and write a few paragraphs of the next book. Or the book after that. Or the game I want to make. Or…

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    • Yeah, same. I’ve said before I don’t think I’ll live long enough to finish writing all the ideas in my ideas never mind publish them. Though, annoying as that is (and it really is), we could be out of ideas. 😲


  5. If I don’t get it down – and fast – the idea just dissolves. I usually put ideas in my phone notes. Guess my brain is just too full of useless information. That’s what it feels like most days.

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    • Some of mine dissolve, others just hang around bothering me and I can’t concentrate on the project at hand. I use my phone, too. How does that work for you? I miss the old notepad-and-pen approach and am moving back to that. Too much reliance on technology is creeping me out. I’m old.

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      • It works pretty well – until your phone info merges with hubby’s for some unknown reason and he deletes things that aren’t his without any regard whatsoever for notes that might possibly and most probably belong to his wife. Other than that, it’s fine.

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      • What? 😂 That’s so ludicrous it’s almost unbelievable. Almost. As far as the phone, well, they’re demons in disguise. As for the husband and his trigger finger deleting your stuff… Revenge seems to be in order.

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      • I use phone notes, too, but not consistently and not as my main idea-holder. I’ve heard many times about Evernote. I really need to look into that one. Thanks!


  6. Yay you. Sounds like you got your mojo back. Me, After round 1, I let my MS marinate for a week or so before next revisions. I always marinate between next revisions. Fresh perspective. ❤

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  7. I hear what you say about shiny new things pulling your mind away from your current project. I never have to worry about shelving projects because it will happen anyway, whether I like it or not. Best to just go with the flow.

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  8. Hi Sarah – I’m excited for you and look forward to hearing more about your big project! I also get a lot of ideas, but it’s hard to execute them all. They often get shelved due to lack of time. That frustrates me, but a person can only do so much, right? I love your writing and think you are very talented!

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    • It is hard to execute them all. And, even with writing them down for “future projects”, it’s going to be tough to ever get them all done. Some will remain ideas forever. That IS frustrating. We’re only human so, yes, you’re right.

      Thank you, Barbara! 💖

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  9. My obsessive nature doesn’t let me do more than one thing at a time, Sarah. So when I start something, I finish it, before starting something new from scratch. I’m actually a bit envious of writers who have projects in varying stages of completion waiting in the wings. All that material at one’s fingertips! And I’m so glad you’re having fun with your latest projects. That speaks volumes. 😀

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  10. Looking forward to seeing what this project is, Sarah. Waiting with bated breath, even…
    As for putting work to one side, it’s an all too regular thing. Carrion was put aside several times over a period of about 13 years, but I’m glad I did that because the end result is way better than the original version. Sometimes, there’s a good reason.

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    • Making a manuscript perfect as you go along (or right after) has its benefits but, honestly, that process can hinder progress. I think a small (or large) break before the next draft is a great idea.


  11. I think it’s good to take time away and let the ideas just sit there, naturally getting “ripe” with age. Good for you, Sarah, with the one project. It sounds like you’re doing well xx

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  12. I’ve started taking a hiatus of sorts in December—a writing hibernation as it were. So my goal is to finish up whatever I am working on up until that point and revisit it after I’m done stuffing my face with holiday snacks. The problem of course is what happens when those events don’t line up nicely. But for the most part it works for me.

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