A Fresh, New Look


cover re-reveal


So… Remember all the hubbub about whether or not I should change my book covers? Well, folks, the deed it done. Just a super short post to show you the new beauties.

Meet the new Hinting at Shadows and On the Edge of a Raindrop.  



To celebrate the new look, Hinting at Shadows will be on sale for a limited time. Just 99c/99p! 


I’m guest posting over at Marcia Meara’s today (thanks, you fantabulous gal, you) so go check that out! 


Huge thank you to the talented Loni Townsend for the gorgeous cover art.

And thanks to Allie Potts for getting these covers into print-ready form so I could have my precious paperbacks (and for creating the beautiful 3D images). 


42 thoughts on “A Fresh, New Look

  1. The covers are absolutely fabulous, Sarah, and I’m so happy to have you sharing them over on The Write Stuff. Hope some of your followers will stop by and take a look. (Sarah writes a pretty funny post, folks, and I think you’d enjoy this one, for sure.) 😀

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  2. I don’t do art for other people often, so I’m honored that you’d even turn to me to help you actualize your vision for your covers. I often felt like a fraud through the process because I don’t have design training and I lack the skills to capture other people’s ideas without specific instructions. Thank you for being willing to work with me in the nitty-gritty details, and being patient with me through all the revisions as we tried to get the right feel for you. 🙂

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    • You are so talented. I get you don’t have training but you do have a gift for this. You captured the idea/vision perfectly. 💖 As far as being patient and willing to work with you…haha…I could say the same (in fact, I did). Please go check out the guest post at Marcia’s. 😂 I may have called you a saint for putting up with me.


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