Where’d You Get That Photo?


All the images on Lemon Shark (and Lemon Shark Reef) are mine. Meaning I took them. With my camera. You’re envious, I know.

Some blogs have a credit under the photo or at the end of the post. Some have a copyright. I hadn’t thought much about it but, when I did, I figured it’s my blog and my photos are on it so people will know they’re mine. Of course they don’t. I’ve even been asked where I got them. ThoughtBubble

I feel like I should credit myself just like I would credit anyone else if I downloaded it. (Part of me just wants props for setting up and snapping pictures to go with specific posts. Pun intended.) For this story about Princess Penelope, I defrosted some frozen peas, picked out the really round green ones, and did a photo shoot on my son’s old toddler mattress. I did. Let’s move on…

Does it spoil images to write on them? I’ve seen poems and quotes but also copyrights and URLs. I wonder if I should leave them alone. On the other hand, mine are window dressing on my blog, not a photo contest entry. Are they really ruined?

Do you copyright your pictures? How? Put a note in the ‘caption’? Write directly on the photo? What do you think of the one below?


Asteraceae_1 - Sarah B


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


* After I wrote this Thought Bubble, I found this amazing post by Sacha Black (with a note from Geoff Le Pard) on how to create the gorgeous pictures she uses on her blog. (Notice she puts her URL on the photos.) I tried it on this page and I don’t think it takes away from the photo. Actually, I kind of like it.

* Update: 10/6/15 Those photos with poetry and quotes on them? This is what I was talking about. Sue Vincent posts these on her blog. They are stunning—check them out.