You Picked a Fine Time to Post This


I used to post every Monday.


Blog Schedule - sig


Then I switched to Wednesdays.

Sundays were open for the occasional Thought Bubble.

Pfft. Occasional. That’s funny.

Point is, I had a schedule. It cut down on the stress of blogging. (Anyone who blogs, no matter how much they love it, knows there’s a certain amount of stress that goes with the blogging territory.)

You have a day or two or whatever and that is when you post.

Your readers know when to expect you. It’s what you’re supposed to do…

But that’s not why I did it. I had specific days I posted because it fit in nicely with my schedule OCD. I liked it.

But I don’t have a prompt or a series.

If something interesting happens in my life, I write about it. Sometimes, when the scheduled day comes along to publish, it’s not relevant anymore. So it sits here. Wasted words. Such a shame.

What if…? No…


What if I posted whenever I felt like it? *gasp* Besides potentially annoying readers, what harm could it do?

I decided the answer was “none”.

So, at least for now, I’m posting whatever day I decide to write and hit ‘publish’.


Watch out. The Lemon Shark is going to show up when you least expect it.

Writing that just made me feel queasy. Also… free.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.



When do you post? Do you post whenever you feel like it? Do you have certain days? Do you ever deviate from your schedule?



Taking the Red Pen to Your Comments


If you’ve commented on my blog, chances are, I’ve edited you.


Red Pen Comments - sig


Please pop your eyes back into your skull and know this: I do not rewrite comments. I edit. Or, more precisely, proofread.

Why? Well, for one thing, I can’t help myself. I mean, I can not help it. My OCD-ish tendencies notice typos like a giant slug in a rose garden.

When I see an extra space, I delete it. When I see a forgotten period, I add it. If you type ‘dp’ when you clearly meant ‘do’, I change the ‘p’ to an ‘o’.

That’s how I roll.

Second. If I know someone pretty well, know their writing, and see an error, I’ll correct it. It might embarrass them to have a misspelling. Eh. It might not.

But I have had plenty of people submit a second comment correcting their typo. “Oh no!” or “Sorry! I meant to write…” I trash that and just fix it for them. Unless it’s a funny comment. Then it stays. (Seems I’m not the only one with typo/commenting issues. Just saying.)

I wish people would do this for me. *sigh*

Third. If you leave a really long link, it messes up my mobile site and the page just sort of floats around making it difficult to read. So I turn your long link into a short link.

Instead of http://sarahbrentynflash. 2015/09/01/ legume-allergy- leads-to-domestic-troubles-2/

It neatly says: Legume Allergy Leads to Domestic Troubles

If you’re new to Lemon Shark, I won’t edit you. I don’t know you or your writing style.

You could be using slang or live in the UK and your ‘realise’ is not a typo but a right proper way of spelling ‘realize’. You could be the next e e cummings and like using all lower-case. It’s cool. Your little letters are safe with me.

I love my readers and their comments. I do. I appreciate the time it takes to read and respond to a post. I also have some kick-ass commenters at Lemon Shark who add so much to the discussions.

You might be a bit offended by this confession but do give me a bit of a break. (I’m trying to uncover my true colors—refer back to mention of OCD).

And, if it helps, I edit my own replies. All. The. Time. Especially from my phone. Damn auto-correct. Also, the cute emojis sometimes show up very differently once I hit “post comment”. I’ll put a frog face (no, I don’t know why I’m putting a frog face) and then it’s like… Wait. What is that? Edit. Change. Aw. A smiley face with its tongue sticking out. Much better.

So, if you’ve commented here, I’ve probably edited you. #SorryNotSorry


Have you ever edited a comment? Are you going to stop commenting here because of my confession?


(Someone please make my day and tell me you’ve found a typo in this post.)