Footloose and Fantasy-Free


Free Fall -sig


Most of the things I write have no genre.

I can’t query an agent that I’ve written a romance or horror, fantasy or historical fiction.

It’s tough to get your work looked at by anyone when you can’t explain what it is you’ve written. I can ramble on about the story but it’s easier to have a genre to pitch. At least initially.

Do not throw rotten tomatoes at me (you’ll only ruin your screen). I’m not saying it’s easy to get published, I’m saying it’s easier if you can categorize what you’ve written.

I wish my writing fit neatly into a specific genre.

The thing is, I write what I want and it’s not always tidy. Maybe my writing will become a new genre. And they’ll name it after me. And pigs will fly, hell will freeze over, and we’ll find out the moon really is made of cheese.

Working outside of known genres is risky but has a certain kind of freedom.

The freedom to fail. Sure, sure. That. But also to free fall. Which is exhilarating.

This could end with my parachute opening…or not.

Please, no betting in the comment section.


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Do you write in a specific genre? Do you have writing that doesn’t fit into any genre you know of? If so, do you find it difficult to pitch your story?