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Hinting at Shadows


Hinting At Shadows

Hinting at Shadows is a collection of flash fiction blending darkness and softness. These words whisper dark, suggestive snapshots of the human psyche. These are stories that hint at the things in the shadows.



Delve into the deeper reaches of the human condition and the darkness that lives there.

A girl haunted by her sister’s drowning. A boy desperate for his father’s affection. A woman forced to make a devastating decision. A man trapped by his obsessions.

Experience tales of love, loss, murder, and madness through this collection of flash and micro fiction.

Take a peek behind the smile of a stranger. Get a glimpse inside the heart of a friend. Scratch the surface and discover what is hidden beneath.

These stories will open your mind, tug at your thoughts, and allow you to explore the possibility that, even in the brightest moments, something is Hinting at Shadows.


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On the Edge of a Raindrop

(Available Fall 2017)

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In the Works

I am currently working on my YA novel (due out 2018).