Showers & Flowers #IWSG


What am I insecure about this month? Hmm.

First of all, WordPress is not being very nice and it’s not going to get any dessert. It’s possible it might get grounded if it doesn’t SHAPE UP! Stupid WordPress. Stupid formatting. ARGH! 


Anyhoo… I have a lot going on. Writing stuff and life stuff.

Life stuff, well, just happens and you deal. You get through it. Because. Life.

Writing stuff is…tough. I mean, writers NEED to write. That’s how we feel but, technically, it’s not true. It’s not one of the basic human needs. (But it sure does feel like it.) It’s like you must fit in your writing regardless of what else is going on. Which can be overwhelming.

Presently, I’m juggling a fair amount in the life category but, also, the writing category.

Trying to write in the spaces between life responsibilities. Editing a few books that have been patiently waiting to see the light of day. Getting those new covers together. Working on a (long-overdue) book. And, always, the technical crap. Ugh with that already. Please.

Also… My too-many-ideas syndrome is flaring up. And my ooh-a-shiny-new-project is back. I’m taking Tums but, alas, I’m still in distress.

So, yeah, a bit overwhelmed with ALL OF THE THINGS raining down on me. But April showers bring May flowers, right? Hopefully, this month will be calm. Pretty. Unsoggy. Blossoming with creative possibility and productivity.

Here’s to a bloomin’ brilliant May, my bloggy friends. 🌸



Do you try to fit your writing in or put it aside when life rains on you? Also, I’m super curious how many other writers have too-many-ideas and ooh-a-shiny-new-project syndromes. Do you? 



IWSG Question of the Month

May Prompt – Has any of your readers ever responded to your writing in a way that you didn’t expect? If so, did it surprise you?

IWSG (Insecure Writer’s Support Group)
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This post is part of IWSG , a monthly blog hop/prompt started by Alex J Cavanaugh. 

63 thoughts on “Showers & Flowers #IWSG

  1. Oh far out, this is the second post in a row that’s had a gripe at WP. WTF is going on with them? At this rate there’ll be no bloggers left cos everyone’s getting so pissed off!

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    • 😂 Who knows? But it took me longer to format this damn thing than to write it. I want the old dashboard back. It’s not just that this is new and I have to get used to it (which is part of it), but that it’s, in my opinion, much less user-friendly.

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  2. The Hub says that all my days are Saturdays now that I’ve retired, so at last I can write whenever I want.

    In response to the IWSG prompt— I once had a reader leave a one star review. She said that she expected more elephants in my book. Now I do write travel books about India, but this one was a collection of family humor essays. Technically, she was absolutely correct—there were in fact zero elephants in the book. So I guess I was lucky to even get the one star

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  3. I’m better than I was at the shiny new idea syndrome but it’s hard. I have this fear that if I write the idea down, it’ll be like a magnet and I’ll have to continue so often I try and remember the idea. And then I worry I’ll forget it if I don’t write it down…. and eventually I’m found dribbling into the change jar chanting Tibetan rap dirge. Ah life, writing and everything…

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    • Yeah, that’s not a good look for you, honestly. You’re above that. Dribble onto the cake plate–they’ll think you’re just finishing your slice.

      That cycle of thoughts is *very* familiar. I usually go for writing it down. Alas, that’s how I wound up writing my Insecure Writer’s Support Group post about too many ideas and shiny new projects derailing me. 🙄


    • I do, too. I mean, always. Way too many ideas.

      I put them in a folder but they call to me and I lose focus. Now I’m typing this out, I guess it’s not a too-many-idea issue, it’s a let-them-go-for-now-and-focus issue. Thanks, Craig.

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  4. Sarah, happy May as well. I have resorted on more than a few occasions to repeat an old piece I wrote five to ten years ago that was not well read as I had so few followers or maybe it did not resonate then. It helps when I have limited time. Keith


  5. I don’t know if my main series + companion novel + novella series + spin-off equals too many ideas, or if it’s actually one giant idea that has many parts. It has the benefit of needing to be done mostly in order due to all being related and requiring other events to have happened, but also the frustration that I have to finish the thing I’m working on in order to move on.

    I do get caught by the shiny-new-project problem, though, especially in art.

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    • You have a lot of projects but you’re focusing on getting those done. Yeah, I don’t know if that’s too many ideas but, either way, you’re not adding more, right? I mean, you’re not grabbing the next shiny new project as it gleams in the corner so…bonus points for that. (With the exception of art projects–those don’t count as a distraction. Or are they? Eek.)

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  6. Here’s wishing for tons of flowers coming your way! Sounds like you’re still chugging away at the writing despite life’s rainfall, so that’s already great! Good luck!

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  7. Hey girl. Arg on the woes, I know many myself. But Worstpress is the worst and giving so many grief, they’re like evil gremlins, just like microsoft who lurks in our devices like Big Brother and mysteriously changes things in my computer and phone. I don’t feel like I have to force myself to write. I write when I feel I need to write, which apparently seems to be about everyday or night, at some unpredictable time, so I run with it. I also have a book I finished writing last year, still not sent to the editor. All I can advise you is, one day at a time my friend. Only do what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow. Start Word doc files for all your great ideas and ideas and meanderings. Eventually, they can become books. ❤

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  8. Happy IWSG Day and hope your May is brighter! I try to fend off the shiny-new-idea syndrome by writing a piece of flash fiction once a week or so, which keeps the ideas flowing but doesn’t need a lot of work. Then I can get back to that first draft of the WIP…

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    • Happy IWSG Day…again…a month later (see below). Since my main writing focus is flash fiction, it requires a great deal of work for me but I’m dealing with the shiny-new-idea syndrome this month by scribbling ideas down knowing I’ll get to them later. Seems to be working. Fingers crossed. Good luck with your WIP.

      A blanket statement I’m cutting and pasting: I just saw these comments today when I published a new post. Sorry. WordPress is getting a time out! 😒

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  9. WordPress is a narcissistic asshole. I finally figured out how to revert to “classic” formatting, which makes it tolerable. Barely.

    I have Ooh, Shiny syndrome, too. I have just started a brand new project. I told my bffs that I’m putting everything else aside, and putting all my focus on the new novel. They congratulated me on my firm resolve. Then we all laughed and laughed.

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    • Yes. It is a narcissistic asshole (see below). How do you switch it to “classic”?! I used to do that (it’s how I survived this long) but can’t figure it out now that it’s switched over to the dark side.

      I see from today’s comment, you’ve still got that one project going on. Well done.

      A blanket statement I’m cutting and pasting: I just saw these comments today when I published a new post. Sorry. WordPress is getting a time out! 😒


      • Ah. I was simply switching to classic while writing the post but, for some reason, can’t do that anymore. Didn’t even think about a plugin. Thank you so much. You’ve saved what’s left of my sanity.

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  10. I spent far too many years procrastinating because I had so many ideas and just couldn’t decide where to start. Now I’m much better at focusing on one thing at a time. Still, there are moments when I feel pulled towards a different project…
    As for the balancing act of life and writing, I’m afraid I do let life get in the way at times. It’d probably be a lot easier if I lived on my own and didn’t have kids. And now there’s even a grandchild to add to the mix. I did ask my daughter to wait a few more years, but she ignored me. I’m sure I’ll forgive her one day…

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    • A blanket statement I’m cutting and pasting: I just saw these comments today when I published a new post. Sorry. WordPress is getting a time out! 😒

      Yeah, I’m the same way. I seem to be focused this month because I’m obsessing over one project but, normally, I can’t do it. I’m working on multiple things.

      Honestly, life SHOULD get in the way. It’s, you know, life. I do hope you forgive her. 😉 Cheers!

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      • No problem, Sarah. I’m used to being ignored…

        Seriously, though, it is good to be focused. Hope the project is going well.

        As for the daughter and grandchild thing, I suspect I’ll get over it – especially when I can start spending some proper time with him. I’m hoping that’ll happen pretty soon.

        Stay safe – and focused!

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      • Well…that’s…good?

        I know. Focus is important but it is difficult for me. The project is going well, thanks. 🙂

        I think you’ll get over it. Maybe. Someday, I guess. (I do hope you get to spend time with him soon. You stay safe, too, my friend.)

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  11. Yes, I’m very late getting here. I’ve been feeling really bogged down also – mainly with writing. I keep telling myself how ridiculous it is that I’m still working on the sequel to Subject A36, but at the same time I’m trying to cut myself some slack. It all makes my head hurt, lol.

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    • You’re late? I just saw these when I posted my new post today. And WP has been deleting my comments today. Fun! 🎉

      I’m sorry. I get it but it’s not ridiculous. You’re moving along and that’s what counts. It’s going to be brilliant so, yeah, cut yourself some slack. 🙂

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  13. Think about the thing that makes you inspired, that keeps you excited and write about that one only. Until…squirrel! You’ll get there:)

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    • Ha! Squirrel. I get excited about ALL OF THE THINGS. But, yes, point taken. I’ve found yet another thing I’m excited about and, this time, I’ve stuck with that one only. It’s going well. 🙂


  14. I delayed the WordPress block editor for as long as I could, and the switch-over was decided for me by WP. It’s been a struggle, and I dislike how much time has been spent in figuring things out instead of writing. But that is a rant for another day.

    I find I get a bit grumpy if I don’t write, so I feel I “must” do it.

    I hope spring has made life less cumbersome and more joyful. Here’s to a (hopefully) wonderful summer!

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    • Same. I raged, raged against the dying of the classic. One day it was there, next it was gone. And, so much yes, I spend more time getting the formatting together than writing a post. That really is annoying.

      Ah, well, if you feel better when you write, that IS a must. That’s different. Here’s to writing and a wonderful summer! 🌞

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