For You on Mother’s Day


Stepmother Support Group - sig

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here…have an apple. Oh, and a lovely little story, too.

Visit Lemon Shark Reef here (yes, right here – just click right here) for some Mother’s Day fun.

Evil Stepmother Support Group

Because every mother deserves a comfortable place to complain about her kids. (And things aren’t always as they seem.)

5 thoughts on “For You on Mother’s Day

  1. Sorry to hear your Mother’s Day didn’t fulfill your wishes. I love that you have provided an opportunity for stepmoms to air their complaints and ensure they get a better rap (and maybe something better “wrapped” next year!)
    Hilarious linking to the same post three times. That’s double Irish!

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  2. LOL!!! Evil Stepmother Support Group… That’s just epic. I try not to complain about my kids, unless it’s to my husband–and only because he missed their bad behavior. (He needs to be aware of how easy he has it.) ๐Ÿ˜‰

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