For You on Mother’s Day


Stepmother Support Group - sig

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here…have an apple. Oh, and a lovely little story, too.

Visit Lemon Shark Reef here (yes, right here – just click right here) for some Mother’s Day fun.

Evil Stepmother Support Group

Because every mother deserves a comfortable place to complain about her kids. (And things aren’t always as they seem.)

5 thoughts on “For You on Mother’s Day

  1. Sorry to hear your Mother’s Day didn’t fulfill your wishes. I love that you have provided an opportunity for stepmoms to air their complaints and ensure they get a better rap (and maybe something better “wrapped” next year!)
    Hilarious linking to the same post three times. That’s double Irish!

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  2. LOL!!! Evil Stepmother Support Group… That’s just epic. I try not to complain about my kids, unless it’s to my husband–and only because he missed their bad behavior. (He needs to be aware of how easy he has it.) 😉

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