My One Word for 2019 #OneWord2019




Wow. So this is fun. I love reading posts from past years and seeing I’ve learned my lesson…

Every year around this time I say, “It’s going to be different.” Well, gentle readers, it’s not. It’s quite the same. Which is to say, I let myself get caught up in a shitstorm of stress and overwhelm by choosing others instead of myself, by over-committing, by working too hard on things that don’t bring fulfillment or happiness, by helping everyone but me.

So, last year, my One Word for 2018 was: Self.

It was a good choice. It worked. Some of the time. Not as often as I’d hoped.

The year before that, my One Word for 2017 was Accept. I did not accept anything. I sort of UN-accepted pretty much everything. I faltered. Failed. Moved on.

And…here I go again. Another year, another word, another promise. Despite everything, I really do believe in the power of focus words (and in the power of me not failing). Success to me and my One Word!

It’s difficult choosing just one word when we writers love language the way we do, but, unlike past years, it wasn’t too bad this time. I’ll say right up front, I did shop around for synonyms because it’s not a pretty word but, eh, what the hell. Here it is, my friends:


As I said, not the most beautiful word but, seriously, check this out:





  • go in a specified direction or manner; change position.

proceed, progress, advance

Proceed? Advance? Count me in.

  • change or cause to change from one state, opinion, sphere, or activity to another.

change, shift one’s ground, change one’s tune

Changing opinion/activity as we speak (or, read, whatever). Already whistling another tune, my friends. Done.

  • take action, act, take steps, do something

inspire, prompt, motivate

“she was moved to act”

Dude, just reading this makes me want to DO SOMETHING. Watch me take action. I am motivated! I am moved to act!

  • provoke a strong feeling, especially of sorrow or sympathy, in.

stir up (an emotion) in someone

affect, touch, upset, disturb, make an impression on

“I was deeply moved by the story”

This. Yes. This is what I hope to accomplish with my writing so I’m keeping this one in here. I would love to provoke strong feelings in readers. Affect people. Even upset or disturb them with my stories. It’s all good as long as it makes an impression.

  • make progress; develop in a particular manner or direction.

make progress, advance, develop

I’m marching here. I am. Advancing. Stepping ALL OVER the enemies: self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, stress, overwhelm… I am making progress!


I’m moving. And 2019 will see another book from me. (Preferably two.) Here’s to moving, my friends! ❤


Have you ever taken part in the One Word Challenge?

If you haven’t, why not try it? Or think on it a moment and leave one in the comments. What could your focus be this year? I’d love to hear what your One Word is for 2019.


51 thoughts on “My One Word for 2019 #OneWord2019

  1. I have thought long and hard about this, since last year in fact. I can only narrow it down to too words. Hopefulness and improvement. I applaud you on your choice of word and Hove you move forward with elacrity 💜💜

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  2. It’s a real challenge this. I think ‘pause’ might be my word. My challenge is to rush, to cram, to flit. I don’t smell the coffee enough which is probably best represented in my reading habits. I listen to audible books more than I read the printed word. And I write more than I read. Slowly. Breathe.

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    • That’s a fab word. I have a post about that from a few years ago. Pausing. I tend to rush around a bit, too. You’ve got to pause and smell the coffee brewing, my friend. I’ve pondered focus words like pause, mindful, present, breathe…but, this year, I felt I need a kick in the arse more than anything. If only I could write as Geofftastically as you.


      • Oh stop it you kind person you. You don’t want to dumb down to my level… funnily the Textiliste and I were on the beach today and a couple were there, in deck chairs wrapped in blankets and reading. We both agreed we need to do that. Maybe not in February…

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      • It’s true. Own it. Geofftastically-written is a thing. Well, it is now. 🙂 Congrats on your newest release (which I have and am looking forward to reading). You’ve earned a pause.

        Curled up on the beach reading in winter sounds wonderful. 💛 I love that.


  3. “Move” is a good word!

    I did pick a word this year, “average.” I know, I know, it doesn’t sound cool, but it makes sense to me. Last year I had some yukky stuff happen in my life and felt myself slipping into a “why me?” mode. So this year I’m reminding myself that EVERYBODY hits crappy speed bumps now and then. I’m average. The universe is not out to get me.

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    • Yeah, ‘move’ doesn’t sound great, either. I did get caught on that for a bit. But, hey, whatever works. I lIke your word. I think we can all relate to the why-me-mode when life gets ugly. And you’re right. Everyone has something going on. Some of us have more difficulties in our lives than others but…you are not alone, that’s for sure. I’m sorry about all the crap you’ve had to deal with and wish you a better year in 2019. 💛


  4. Great post, Sarah, and I love your word! Woo-hoo. You’ve already begun. 🙂 You’re right that it’s hard to pick just one word. But I agree that having a focus is helpful, and it puts that energy out to the universe. Happy Writing and Moving!

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  5. Hi Sarah, I like the word “move” because, you’re right, it has so many meanings. Great choice. I’ve never done this exercise. You’re good at it – maybe because you write poetry and short fiction, you know how to pare things down. Now I better get moving so I’m not late for work! 😉

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    • It does have many meanings. I love that. Though, like I said, I did search for synonyms feeling like my focus word should be a bit more…poignant? Pretty? Anyway, there it is. My alternative to resolutions. Move. 🙂
      Thank you. 💛 I do tend to pare my writing down, that’s for sure.

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  6. It was you who gave me the idea about one word last year. Last year, mine was focus – and I could do with more of that. This year, I have two – self-care and listen. Move is a great one in every way that you mentioned. Have to admit when I first read it, I thought about getting up from the couch and going to the gym, lol.

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    • Ooh, nice! I am really working on self-care this year. It’s a major focus of mine, too. And listening is always good…in many ways. (I know, right?! I see the word MOVE and I want to get off the couch and do something. Anything. It’s pretty effective.)

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  7. Great post 🙂 Best of luck to you this year & look forward to your books 😀 After you last year’s post I thought hard & chose my word too (even wrote a tiny moto poem promoting it), sadly, it doesn’t really worked for me… it was ‘change’ (the word) & though tiny changes did occure, the ones I really needed are still unachieved… & I’ve no idea what word can help me this year, but I’ll think of it 🙂 Meanwhile all the best to you on your way ❤ x

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