One Link to Rule Them All


one link to rule them all


Most of you know of the “universal” or “global” link for books. A lot of authors use it. The link allows you to customize your book url so it redirects interested readers to the correct country. (Amazon .com becomes Amazon .ca or Amazon—you get the idea.)

So, yes, I do want this. And, sure, I’m willing to learn about different options. Which is why I’m here today.

The companies that change your link range from free to one-time fee to monthly subscription. So you can assume they range in services. (They do.) We’re going from cut-and-paste-your-link to tracking sales, customizing domains, and tons of other techie stuff I don’t understand.

Some give you a link that automatically redirects your Amazon customers. So your country’s Amazon store will become their country’s Amazon store. This allows readers to quickly and easily buy your book from the site where they have an account. This is Amazon only.

Others completely transform your link. They go global and create a link that works in every country, on every operating system (iOS, Android, Windows…), in every store (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iBooks…), on every device (laptop, tablet, phone…) so you’re not only international, you’re, like, intergalactic.

Here are a few that I’ve seen. If you use any of these, please let me know in the comments. If you know of any I’ve missed, drop those in the comments, too. Inquiring minds want to know.






Genius Link


My random thoughts in (a bit over) 200 words.

ThoughtBubbleDo you use a universal link? Do you like it? Which company would you suggest and why (price, ease-of-use, accessibility for buyers)?


I was recently searching for the best universal/global link when I remembered this post. Forgot it was from 2017 (!) but, as it’s still relevant and quite timely for me, thought I’d repost it.

Since that post, I’ve been using BookLinker, and it’s worked fine, but I’d like to change it. I don’t need (or want) bells and whistles but do want to branch out (and away from an Amazon-only link). 

44 thoughts on “One Link to Rule Them All

  1. I have used Booklinker in the past when my books were only at Amazon and more recently for books I’ve published for other authors. I now use Books2Read via the Draft2Digital site which seems to work very well and you can even add your audiobooks to it.

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    • It’s super easy to get a universal link. Some are just cut and paste. But that’s interesting. When doing book reviews, it’s more complicated, I think. I’d ask the author if he or she has a univeral link. But definitely clean it up (keep only the stuff before /ref). Let me know if you figure out what to do about that.

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    • Super quick and easy. Seriously. It’s cut and paste. Clean up the links on your “Books” page on your blog and cut and paste them and you have a link that directs anyone to the store they can purchase it from. Don’t know what your publisher does for you but you could definitely use them on your blog, guest posts, etc.

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  2. I’ve been using for years. It’s free, it’s easy, takes the reader to wherever you want it to, just enter in the urls you want the link to go to. My books are all just on Amazon at the moment and I inserted the urls of all the Amazons. Hope this helps. ❤

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  3. Thank you for sharing these and educating me on universal links. I knew about them, but not much. I do use linktree which is very handy for putting all your links in one place, especially for Instagram. But what you’re talking about is much more advanced. Maybe after I write the great American novel, I’ll need that!

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    • Some are advanced and offer a lot. Others are a quick cut-and-paste deal. Really simple. And you can use a universal link in your linktree profile page thingy. (I really need to check out the linktree thingy–I keep seeing that around.)

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