Midwinter: Light & Hope


In many cultures, past and present, this day is a promise of release from the dreary darkness and bitter cold of winter. Beneath the frozen earth, life stirs. This midwinter celebration, halfway between the first day of winter and the first day of spring, gives us hope.

Like watching your children grow, you look up one morning and say, “When did you get so tall?” Those extra minutes of sunlight each day since the Winter Solstice have accumulated. Lift your eyes, look around, become aware of the light. The lengthening of days is a slow process—but the change is now noticeable.

The guilt of what we did “wrong” last year and the pressure to make resolutions to better ourselves is associated with the New Year.

This first day of February offers a fresh start. It is about new beginnings. It brings knowledge that the seeds we planted are deep within—there is life underneath the frost and snow. These plants will soon break through the soil, reaching and growing.

Trust that there is life in the darkness and there you will find hope.


Midwinter Sun & Ice Branches

Where there is darkness, find the light. Where there is cold, find the warmth.


My Sunday thoughts in 200 words or less.


22 thoughts on “Midwinter: Light & Hope

    • Thanks! There is quite a bit of winter left. This is no doubt why the midwinter festivals were so widespread. People could ward off the hopelessness and celebrate what is on its way: warmth and light (and hope).


    • Thanks! I don’t know if you can see it clearly in the photo but the branches are encased in ice. It was unbelievably beautiful with that color blue of the sky. I was thrilled how the sun shone like a starburst, too.


  1. ‘Trust that there is life in the darkness and there you will find hope.’ And your gorgeous photo illustrates your hope-filled thoughts perfectly…I hold your comforting message close to my heart as we do indeed leave January behind. And good riddance I say 🙂 You touch my heart Sarah ❤

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