10 Perks (For Me) During This Pandemic



1. The gift of distance. 

People are finally staying as far away from me as I’d like them to. I am loving the social distancing thing. Personal space, for me, is 4 feet…minimum.   

2. It’s the small stuff that stings. 

You know what they say about small stuff hurting a lot more than you’d think? Like a paper cut? Those things are tiny but pack a wallop of pain. Same goes for small talk. Painful. Something I could happily do without. And now, I can! And I am! And it’s not weird. Everyone is partaking in the skipping of small talk in exchange for a distant wave. Woot!

3. Hand-washing. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in a public restroom and seen someone emerge from a stall and walk out the door. Holy crap (pun intended). You’ve got germs and dirt and…human waste on your hands and you’re headed to sit down and grab a dinner roll? Dude.

Now people are washing their hands. With water. And soap. And they’re doing it a lot. Shiny, clean fingers crossed this practice stays in effect long past the pandemic.

4. Do. Not. Engage. 

Strangers are not speaking to me or asking me things or trying to engage me in conversation. (See #2.)

5. Tranquility in quarantine.

I’m an introvert. And not the cool kind we writers like to claim we are. I’m talking severe introversion. Like hermit status. So staying in isn’t torture for me. Quarantine is kind of the status quo around here. Except, now, it’s not eccentric, it’s expected. Rock on! (In the comfort of my own home, of course. Alone. With a book. And wine.)

6. The barren land of toilet paper shelves. 

I don’t waste time in the paper goods aisle anymore, my head swaying back and forth between quilted and two-ply, recycled and double-roll. (Why are there so many types of TP, anyway?) Unrelated: I’ve found a good use for printed political ads.

7. Express yourself. 

I’ve always prided myself on knowing people. Not having five hundred friends but knowing people. Catch my drift? I can spot a jerk from a mile away, have a built-in BS detector, and generally get a vibe from folks right off the bat. (Wow. That’s a boatload of clichés right there. Apologies. Let’s see if I can do some more…) Totally lost my train of thought. Damn clichés.

Oh, right. So with this mask thing, pegging people is a breeze. Are you donning a dust mask? Is Hello Kitty hiding your smile? Harry Potter? Lord of the Rings? (I may or may not have all of these.) You can tell a lot about a person by what they choose to wrap around their face. Whether you’re wearing a sports team, cartoon character, political crap, or a medical-grade surgical mask, you are making a statement. Own it.

8. Wild things. 

My lawn is patchy, dandelions are popping up, dead leaves from fall are collecting in every corner of my yard. Paint is peeling, shrubs need clipping, and NOT ONE of my neighbors is complaining to me about it. Bliss. *waves at neighbor* *trips over vole hole* *falls over* Peace out, y’all.

9. “Kkkhhxx… You’re breaking up…”

You know that old “trick” (I’m using quotes here as it never really tricks anyone) where you make a crackling noise into your cell phone and yell, “You’re breaking up–can’t hear you”? Then you hang up on the person pestering you, asking for a favor, or saying that, no, your new haircut does not flatter your face?

Now we get to do that constantly. Because we’re relying so much on technology, we can claim it isn’t working. So that day I didn’t shower and the day I wore my sushi pajamas, my video couldn’t connect. (How convenient.) But the audio worked. Weird, right? Wrong. I’ve been in many meetings where this happened to others so it’s all good. Plus, you get to play a little game with yourself trying to figure out if folks are telling the truth or just woke up late and are chilling in their underwear. Bonus!

10. Social distancing does not apply. 

I can hug trees. In public places. With people around. When they stare, I wave and shout, “Don’t have to social distance with trees!” 🙂🌲🌳



I’m not making light of Covid 19. This is serious. There is a global pandemic going on. I get it. I do. Don’t throw your non-latex gloves at me. I’m just trying to find a little fun during this time. Hope you are all healthy and safe. Stay sane, gentle readers. ❤️



47 thoughts on “10 Perks (For Me) During This Pandemic

  1. I love these! I’ve struggled with a lot of things during lock-down (the biggest being getting over my obsession with reading the news), but avoiding people is not one of them.

    Stay safe!

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  2. I’m shocked.. not. Keep the smiles coming. I tell you what i don’t miss. The challenge of the social kiss. Used to terrify me. Am i showing my social inadequacy by holding the kissee like a vomiting baby? Was that too close to the mouth, ear eyebrow. Do we hug too? Now I wave and feel socially appropriate. Bliss.

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    • Ah…the empty roads are really nice. 🙂 And, yeah, there are a few people I’d like to see. Bonus: I’ve started using FaceTime to see people and, while I hated it at first, am wondering why I haven’t used it before. I get to have virtual visits with people I don’t see often. Also, I should have included phone calls in the post. Grr to the texting. People are actually using phones to call people. Old school communication. (In other words, my school.)


  3. OMG, I laughed all the way through this! Wait. You were serious, weren’t you? Well, sorry about that, but I laughed anyway. You just have a way with words that tends to crack me up.

    We are likely polar opposites, though. I can be introverted in some circumstances, but where I’m comfortable and feel welcome, I’m definitely not. And on the social distancing thing, I’ll be SO glad when I can hug people again. Yes. Try not to scream. I’m a hugger, and while I do not force hugging on folks who aren’t, I live in the south. LOTS of us are huggers. It’s one of the best things about my wildlife talks and other presentations. Folks who are part of my core audience show up with hugs (and sometimes little gifties), and I love both.

    Having said that, I’m quite happy to stay at home for days and days (even a couple of weeks) without setting foot outside. (When it’s MY choice.) I don’t have any masks, either. Not even with Thor on them. I haven’t been out of my house/yard in 11 weeks now, and don’t plan to go out until I’m pretty sure it’s safe. But even my Hermit Side is getting sick of not being able to go to my local garden centers or bookstores when the mood strikes.

    And, finally–brace yourself–I’m one of those folks who never meets a stranger. Yes. I chat with folks everywhere I go, unless it’s obvious they don’t want to chat back. I do try to be sensitive to those who don’t think they’ve just met their new bestie in a grocery store line. 😀

    FUN post Sarah! And I promise if I run into you someday, I’ll wave from a distance, and let you decide how close you want to get and how much you want to say. 😀 ❤

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    • Yes, I’m serious. But it was supposed to make you laugh. Therefore, I’m glad you laughed. I can always count on you. 😉

      No Thor? That would be a lovely site to see! (I’m really tempted but not going any deeper into this discussion of you wearing Thor.)

      I hear you. It’s nice to stay in when it’s your choice. This is different for all of us. I miss a few things, too, if I’m honest. Book stores, sushi… Glad you’re staying in and staying safe, though.

      No need for you to wave from a distance. I am all of the things stated above but, if we meet someday, I’ll give you a big ol’ squishy hug. Because. Adoration. (((HUGS))) 🤗💞

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    • Well, I’m a bit odd. 🙂 We have to wear masks (and we should) and it’s either picking a t-shirt from our closets or picking a fabric from the store so… It’s going to have something on it. Glad you’re seeing some upsides. Stay safe.

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    • Glad to give you a laugh, Charli. 🙂 Yup, I’m a homebody, too. Obviously. And, when out, it really is awesome to have some personal space. *leaves Prosecco on your doorstep* *rings bell* *runs away*


  4. Okay, first, I’m still laughing at your #1. And, so with you on the masks. Hey, if it has to become a part of my apparel, it’s going to make a statement! – That is if the ones I ordered from Amazon ALMOST 2 months ago ever get here, lol. I even found one with books all over them, lol. For now, I’m just a blue disposable mask like the masses. 🙂 Fab post!!! ❤

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    • I thought for sure #3 would get you, fellow germaphobe. 😉 I can totally see you rocking a different mask each day to match your outfit. Hee… I only have two but they’re reversible. (My mother has been making them throughout the pandemic. She’s made hundreds by now. She rocks the sewing world.) I wouldn’t even know where to get the disposable ones. I mostly see people with their shirts pulled up over their faces, or a scarf, or handmade ones if they’re lucky. Thanks, lovely lady. Hope you get your masks soon. Stay safe and stay sane! ❤

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      • Lol, hand-washing goes without saying! It’s a given for me with or without virus. Bless your mom for making masks. I don’t have a machine so I ordered from a slow boat from China almost 2 months ago, lol. In the meantime, I’ve overpaid for a few masks from small local pharmacy for those shopping excursions. But I ordered a few boxes of the disposables from Amazon I’m also awaiting. Whatever it takes! ❤

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  5. Alas, I am not an introvert, so I’ve really been feeling the lack of socializing. However, I have been going to work every day which has really helped.

    I love your post, and am so glad to see you haven’t lost your keen sense of humour. (I laughed out loud at the tripping over a vent hole scenario.)

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    • Yeah, I know it’s been tough for extroverts. Honestly, as hermit-like as I am, it’s been tough here, too, just not so much as those who crave social situations. I’m sorry it’s been difficult but glad you’re still getting to go to work every day. 🙂

      It’s a vole hole (though I could easily trip over a vent hole, as well). We have voles tunneling around the lawn. They are tiny rodents that literally tunnel underground but close enough to the surface to leave trails. It’s ugly. But nice to know the rodents are thriving. (The tripping is based on a true story.) Glad to give you a LOL. 😉

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